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Thunderbird is one of the most used email clients in the world. And there are plenty of reasons for that. First of all, it is an open source client, which means that the source code is available for anyone to see and edit, and create plugins and extra functionality for the client. Many advanced computer users love the open-source programs.

But Thunderbird has a huge appeal to many basic users as well. The top reason is that it is free. Most of the commercial email clients come at a cost. But Thunderbird, in spite of its huge functionality and a wider range of features, it can be downloaded for free by anyone.

It received 1million downloads in 10 days, when it was first released back in 2004.

Thunderbird’s biggest attraction is its interface. It’s modern tab-styled interface is very friendly and intuitive. It looks very simple and is easy on eyes. And all of that is done without compromising with its functionality and flexibility. There are lots of operations that you can do, work with your data in your own desired way.

Therefore, it makes sense to use Thunderbird for not one, but plenty of reasons. And you are here because you just decided to use this client as well. But there is one problem, if I am wrong.

You have all your previous data stored in either Outlook Windows or the PST files that Windows Outlook uses. The other reason that I think you might be here is that you want to send large data to a Thunderbird users from your Windows Outlook but you don’t know how.

This is where the operation of converting PST to Thunderbird files come in.

For them, that are not aware of the email migration terminology, let me give you primer on that:

  • Email Migration – as the word itself sounds, it is the task of migrating data from one email client to other. It usually refers to the locally stored data and not on servers.
  • Data files – these are the kind of files that an email client uses to store data. Some email clients are supported for various kinds of formats, some are not.
  • PST file – PST is a data file that Windows Outlook uses. It’s a proprietary file format by Microsoft. And Windows Outlook cannot backup data in any other format.
  • Thunderbird data file – Thunderbird supports several file formats to import/export data, like MBOX, but it cannot yet import PST files from Windows Outlook.
  • File Conversion as opposed to IMAP – File conversion method requires conversion of data files directly. IMAP method requires you to upload the data to a server, and then sync it back to the output email client

Let’s come back to the email migration itself now.

You are here to know about the best PST to Thunderbird converter, because you have searched enough for couldn’t find any that you liked. And more importantly, you wish to convert your files in Mac and all the tools you could find are for Mac.

Here’s the good news for you –  the tool recommended below is for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher).

PST to Thunderbird converter

PST to Thunderbird Converter by USL Software

Without teasing any further, the tool is called ‘PST Extractor Pro’ and is developed by USL Software, one of the leading companies in email migration sphere. The tool features an easy to use interface, quick conversion algorithms, and plenty of other features to make it an as easy task as possible.

You can get it for free here. The free mode is for trial purposes, and can convert only ten items per folder, but doesn’t restrict you from checking out any other functions that made it a hit among experts and beginners alike.

It supports conversion of non-English text, preserves folder hierarchy, allows batch conversion of multiple PST files, and many more. Basically, whatever features are required to convert PST to Thunderbird easily, you will find in this one. In fact, some of the features are highly unique but offers value that you may not even know you need for efficient data export.

Download the PST to Thunderbird converter installer file and get started!

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