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PST Extractor Pro - Convert Outlook to Apple Mail, Outlook to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook to Thunderbird, PST to MBOX, PST to EML, PST to RGE.

“PST Extractor Pro” is the complete solution for users to switch from Windows Outlook to other email clients. It can convert PST files to other email file formats, delivering the precise and highly satisfying conversion results.

pst to eml converterWhether it is that you want to convert PST to MBOX, PST to RGE, PST to EML, Outlook to Apple Mail, Outlook to Entourage, or Outlook to Thunderbird, “PST Extractor Pro” executes the conversion process with utmost precision and reliability.

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PST Extractor Pro – Complete solution for all your Windows Outlook (PST) conversion needs.

Why do you need “PST Extractor Pro”?

Why cannot a user simply import the files from Windows Outlook to Entourage, Outlook Apple Mail, or Outlook to Thunderbird? Why we need to convert PST files to a different format?

Here is the explanation why.

PST is a file format that Windows Outlook uses to store the data in its database. However, PST is only compatible with Windows Outlook and will not be supported by any other email clients, such as, Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc.

To migrate the data from Windows Outlook to any other email client of your choice, you have to convert PST to a file format that is supported by your new email client. Such as, Apple Mail supports MBOX, Entourage supports RGE, and Windows Live Mail support EML.

PST Extractor Pro brings the solution at one place. Now you can convert PST to MBOX, PST to RGE, PST to EML, Outlook to Apple Mail, Outlook to Entourage, and Outlook to Thunderbird using just one efficient tool.


  • Easy installation & Configuration: Installing “PST Extractor Pro” virtually takes no time at all. The steps are simple, straight-forward, and it takes no complex technical knowledge to follow the instructions.

  • Simplicity: Converting PST to MBOX, PST to EML, PST to EML or some other format used to be very taxing for beginners or even advanced users. All the existing tools prior to this one were very difficult to follow and operate.“PST Extractor Pro” transformed the way we used to do it. It has the interface that is utterly user-friendly. The instructions given for the conversion process of PST are clear and straightforward. The wizard screens are self-explanatory and guide you systematically at every step.All the beginners can start converting PST to MBOX, PST to RGE, or PST to EML without any effort or background technical knowledge at all.
  • Speed: If you do not want to lose countless hours during the PST conversion process, this software is for you.The speed with which the interface and the actual conversion work is simply productive. Stop wasting your valuable time using ordinary tools.The technology makes every process, every command, and every action execute with promptness and speed. As a result, “PST Extractor Pro” is the fastest email migration tool ever to hit market.
  • Safety: Safety comes out to be the first and foremost priority for users when it comes to converting PST to MBOX, or PST to EML, PST to RGE or any other format. The slightest hint of data loss or corruption creates panic in users’ mind.

    Choose “PST Extractor Pro”. It comes with 100% agreement of the safety of your files. With our tool, your files are perfectly immune from any danger to your files and it process them in a complete safe and secure environment.

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  • Powerful Converter: The most prominent feature is, obviously, its powerful converter. It has the most efficient and distinctive technology to convert PST to many other popular email file formats. It can convert:

    → PST to MBOX

    → PST to EML

    → PST to RGE

    → Outlook to Apple Mail

    → Outlook to Entourage

    → Outlook to Thunderbird

    → Outlook to Postbox

  • Preserves email attachments: “PST Extractor Pro” preserves your attachments after the conversion PST to your desired email format.
  • Preserves Data Integrity: It has been reported often times that ordinary tools modify or lose the information (data) when converted from one platform to other. When the data in the destination (after conversion) do not match entirely with the source (before conversion), experts call it data Integrity issue, and is one of the major concern for users trying to export Windows Outlook (PST) to other formats such as Entourage or Thunderbird.“PST Extractor Pro” makes sure you do not lose or find any of data modified in any way. It offers the quickest and the safest method to convert PST to EML, MBOX, or RGE without modifying your data in database in any way.
  • Bulk PST Conversion: Now you can select multiple PST files and convert them to EML or MBOX or any other format with downright safety, simplicity, and speed. No more tolerating the tedious way of converting each PST file individually.It can convert a huge database of PST files smoothly and in no time at all. Doing so will not offer any kind of performance issues or lag.If you have a huge database on your Windows Outlook, or received thousands of mails every month, you can rely upon “PST Extractor Pro”. No matter how big your database is, you can just as efficiently convert those files as it was no big deal.
  • Preserves Non-English Content: Do not worry if you work with other languages. The software is fully capable of preserving Unicode content (Non-English) efficiently.

Additional Value

Free 24*7 Support: Good customer support is the lifeblood of any business-customer relationship. This fact gets even more significant in email migration industry.

We understood this perfectly well. As a result, you get to interact with one of the most helpful, quick, responsive, and enthusiastic team of customer support.

Free lifetime updates: Never pay a penny after your initial purchase. Not even for high-level upgrades that we constantly keep on rolling.

Free Trial version

If you are not confident yet, go ahead and make sure to try our free demo version. This trial version can allow you to convert 10 files from PST to any other desired format without compromising with any feature.

Once you are confident, purchase the full version and start converting unlimited number of files. You have the choice of selecting any one of the three packages that has been designed looking at different kinds of users and budget in mind. Whatever you need, and whatever you budget suits you, choose the appropriate package and start converting PST files comfortably, effectively, and economically.

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Version: 1.1

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(Support Mac OS 10.6 and Above)

PST Extractor Pro – A Perfect email converter tool for converting Outlook to Apple Mail, Outlook to Entourage, Outlook to Thunderbird, Outlook to Postbox, PST to MBOX, PST to RGE, PST to EML.

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