“PST Extractor Pro”, from USL Software, helps you convert Outlook PST files to formats such as MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail and other Mac email files. It’s the only Mac compatible tool for PST file conversion that is able to extract data without losing integrity.

Here are the primary features of “PST Extractor Pro” that makes it the best in its category:

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  • Converts all email items

    Emails are not simply text messages. They contain a lot of information that are important for the users to make sense of data, such as timestamps, to and from address, metadata, headers, embedded graphical objects, email attachments, and so on. “PST Extractor Pro” converts PST files with all those details intact.

  • Multiple Output formats

    The tool is dedicated to convert PST files to many other formats commonly used with Mac email clients – Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook:mac 2011, MBOX file, EML, etc.

  • Keeps Folder Hierarchy Maintained

    “PST Extractor Pro” will keep your folder hierarchy same as original. It doesn’t mess up with the structure of the folders and maps the exact order correctly into the output format of your choice.

  • Supports Unicode Contents

    The non-English text conversion is the trickiest part of PST conversions. “PST Extractor Pro” has smart convergion algorithms that can extract Unicode contents during migration succesfully.

  • Fast Performance

    The tool extracts contents from PST files with a lightening fast speed. The smooth data-flow makes it the quickest conversion tool for PST files.

  • Bulk Conversions

    “PST Extractor Pro” is capable of handling large and multiple PST files conversion at the same time, without affecting the speed and quality.

  • Dedicated logic for nested messages

    Nested messages are those that are structured in a conversation style in your email client. The tool can perform clean conversion of those messages and their structure.

  • Filter Folders

    When you add the PST files to convert, you can select the folders that you want to convert manually in the ‘view’ section, or deselect the ones you want to dismiss. Even filter the folders according to the items such as emails, contacts, or calendar data. You can also check the ‘ignore all empty folders’ box to dismiss all folders that are empty.

  • Read/Unread Emails

    The tool not only keeps the read/unread status of emails intact, but it also allows you to save them into two separate folders if you wish to.

  • Contacts and Calendar Conversions

    It can automatically detect the folders containing contacts and calendar entries and convert them to VCF and ICS file respectively. There is also an option provided to merge all contacts and calendar entries into a single VCF and ICS file respectively per folder.

  • Split Large MBOX files

    If you don’t want MBOX files to be overly large, you can set the maximum allowed size and the tool will split the files into two if the size is crossed.

  • Interactive UI

    All of these features are laid out nicely under a single screen GUI. It is designed in a way for the users to feel completely natural while converting data. It’s intuitive and self-explanatory to convert PST files to any format such as MBOX or EML.



There is a free trial version that you can right now. From each folder inside the selected PST files, the trial version converts up to ten items and gives you the freedom to check out all the features without restriction.

Try it today!