Before we move on to educate ourselves on OST to Windows live mail conversion, let us try and understand email conversions first!

OST to Windows Live Mail Conversion

Whenever a user decides to move to a new email client, an issue that arises is that of shifting the email data from the old client to the new one. Email conversions are technical processes designed to equip the users with the power to transfer their mails from one email client to another. The reason why this needs to be done is that every email client works with a specific mail archiving format and these generally remain incompatible with each other.

Now, if we move on to the problem at hand, OST to Windows live mail conversion come into existence to bridge the gap between OST (Outlook) and EML (Windows live mail) files. For this, there is no direct solution available within these clients and thereby these are accomplished with the aid of third party email conversion tools.

One thing that must be taken care of is that these conversions are quite tricky and must be executed with the help of a sturdy email converter tool only. A tool that specifically supports these conversions is OST Extractor Pro! This tool is a great choice if the users wish to get perfect replicas of the content. It makes optimum use of its technical skills to give the users a smooth and free-flowing experience on the whole.

ost to windows live mail

To get a copy of this tool to execute OST to Windows live mail conversion, click on the link here:

What does the process of OST to Windows live mail conversion entail?

OST to Windows live mail conversion process is quite complicated but with OST Extractor Pro it gets reduced down to a few steps and user judgment at most. What this means is that the Outlook OST file converter tool gives its users a chance to customize the whole OST to Windows live mail conversion for best results.

To elaborate a bit, the users can break down their conversions if required as this tool supports batch conversions. The users can also experiment with the folders by choosing the ones they need and ignoring all the rest of them. In this, the users can ignore all the empty folders with a single click too.

Herein, there is also an option to choose the output other than Windows live mail i.e. this tool can convert OST files to PST, MBOX, Apple mail, and much more.

The process is very basic and is manifested on a user-friendly interface which simplifies the whole journey to a great extent. If we specifically talk about the procedure of OST to Windows live mail conversion then it can be enlisted in a summarized version as follows:

How to convert OST to Windows Live Mail

  1. Launch the tool
  2. Click on ‘Add OST”
  3. Browse and locate locate the files
  4. Select or de-select folders
  5. Choose Output as *.eml, *ics, *.vcf (For Windows Live Mail)
  6. Then hit on ‘Convert’

This is how simple the process is. And the results obtained thereafter are of superior quality with every single element in its original shape, size, and site. Choose this tool and get high quality OST to Windows live mail conversion!

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