Do not goof up your conversions by making the wrong choice for Outlook OST file converter. OST Extractor Pro is certainly the best Outlook OST file converter tool for converting OST files from any source. That’s right! This Outlook OST file converter can extract and convert OST files from sources such as Outlook versions 1997 to 2019, ANSI OST files, Exchange servers, and Office 365. Statistically speaking, OST Extractor Pro has an unmatched record in the field of perfectly converting Outlook OST files.

Outlook OST file Converter

A significant indicator of the successful conversions by an Outlook OST file converter is the quality of the output. With OST Extractor Pro the final files are replicated in the most efficient manner. Here are a few features that are indicative of the kind of output you can expect from this Outlook OST file converter.

What can it convert

  1. OST to PST file (*.pst)
  2. OST to Apple Mail Archive, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)
  3. OST to Mozilla Thunderbird, *.ics, *.vcf
  4. OST to Postbox Mail, *.ics, *.vcf
  5. OST to *.mbox, *.ics, *.vcf
  6. OST to *.eml, *.ics, *.vcf
Outlook OST file Converter

Qualities of the files given by ‘OST Extractor Pro’

As mentioned before, every user looks forward to the kind of files that would be produced by their chosen Outlook OST file converter. The best thing about OST Extractor Pro is that it is consistent with its performance. No matter how many times you make use of this tool to convert your Outlook OST files, this tool will always emerge victorious with the best output. Here are the top 4 features that you can expect in each of your converted email files.

#1 Folder Hierarchy Maintained

The first and foremost feature that becomes apparent after this Outlook OST file converter works its magic in your database is that the overall framework of the files would be maintained just the same. The folders’ sequential order, their names, their contents, etc would all be in their original place. This is a rare feature to be found because ordinary tools end up messing up the entire content with shabby looking files at the end. However, OST Extractor Pro is as professional in its approach as it is in its processing of the data.

#2 Customized Files and Folders

Another great feature of the files would be that you would get the files and folders as per your choice. This Outlook OST file converter would offer you a choice to select and deselect the uploaded content before moving on to the final conversions.

#3 Non-English Content Transformed

Having content in your mails which is not in English language is a very common occurrence. Further, many Outlook OST file converters are not equipped with the algorithms to decode such characters. With OST Extractor Pro, you can expect your files to have all the non-English content safely transformed into the destination formats.

#4 Everything Gets Converted

Needless to say, this Outlook OST file converter would carry every single file safely and securely to the final output files. In that, all the internal and external files such as metadata, nested messages, attachments, journal items, HTML files, contacts, calendars, etc are included.

OST file converter

How it works

  1. Download the Mac or Windows version of ‘OST Extractor Pro’.
  2. Install and launch it.
  3. Click the button “Add OST” to load OST files.
  4. Select one or multiple ost file and click on “Open”.
  5. Check / Uncheck folders from view (Choose what you want to convert)
  6. Check on Ignore Empty Folders (Ignore All empty items from conversion)
  7. Select your desired output format from the drop-down.
  8. Now click on “Convert”.

Get this tool today to convert OST to PST and other file format.

The quality of the final output is unmatchable. It is a unique Outlook OST file converter that every Outlook user must possess for easy Outlook OST file conversions.

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