If you are switching from Outlook 2019 to Thunderbird for whatever reason, you must think about the data and how you can export it. The methods for email migration are usually filled with complications that are hard to overcome. Especially if the email clients involved work on two opposing operating systems (Mac and Windows).

Migrate Outlook 2019 to Thunderbird

Through manual methods or substandard tools, the job of moving data across Outlook 2019 to Thunderbird may involve data loss and other heavy-going issues. For users worried about their productivity, the time involved usually with such tasks can be a massive problem on its own.

Now the good news is that there’s a way to migrate Outlook 2019 to Thunderbird correctly that avoids all complications otherwise hard to overcome. The answer lies with “PST Extractor Pro”. A tool that can convert the data in PST and implement it to Thunderbird compatible files.

Migrate Outlook 2019 to Thunderbird

Accurate Data Conversion

PST Extractor Pro” is a different software tool in almost all regards. It is nothing like the generic file conversion utility that simply drags the contents along different files with no regards to metadata or proper rebuilding. “PST Extractor Pro” is more of an email migration software application than a file conversion tool. It is developed around the unique challenges your email data can bring to tasks like these and offers a completely new way of data conversion that is accurate and thorough, while not overwhelming the users with any new manual steps.

Simple & Powerful Tool

Another surprising element of ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is the ease of use, thanks to the creative designing of the interface. Despite having such advanced features and powerful algorithms. The team of USL Software has managed to put everything into an intuitive UI making it simple for both experts and otherwise.

PST Extractor Pro” holds dedicated processing power to detect and convert more complex forms of data, like Unicode characters, MIME defined headers, graphical information, nested emails, and more. This enables thorough data conversion and no modification to the integrity of your files.

Note that the tool offers ways of moving Outlook 2019 PST data to many other Mac based clients, such as Mac Mail, Entourage, and Postbox. You can also use it to convert PST to MBOX or EML files.

Here’s a very quick way of looking at its workings:

How to migrate Outlook 2019 to Thunderbird


How to migrate Outlook 2019 to Thunderbird

  1. Start by loading the PST files you want to convert
  2. Check the folders inside the PST files you want to convert
  3. Choose ‘Thunderbird’ as output
  4. Check other optional settings and set them to your needs
  5. Click ‘convert

That is all you there is to do. The tool takes care of all the heavy lifting for you, something that a user must had to stress about with generic methods.

outlook 2019 to thunderbird

You can start with the free trial version to get a feel for it in a more personal and direct way.

To export Outlook 2019 to Apple Mail or Thunderbird, get it today to migrate your data correctly.

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