Convert PST to MBOX OS X

Are you looking to convert PST to MBOX OS X? This post will help you.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the background and basics of the conversion task at hand.

What are PST and MBOX files anyway?

PST and MBOX files are data files used to store email messages and other items like contacts and calendar data in email clients Windows Outlook and Apple Mail respectively. MBOX is more like a generic data file that can be used at many programs including Mac Mail and Thunderbird. Whereas, PST is strictly limited to Windows Outlook as it a proprietary file format from Microsoft and not an open-source file.

What Purpose does PST to MBOX conversion serve?

As said above, PST files cannot be used with any other email client. If you are moving away from Windows Outlook to another client in Mac OS X, like Mac Mail or Thunderbird, you cannot use the same PST file. You can move data internally using a dummy email server and then syncing the data across local machines and servers, but that takes too long. It’s tedious, inaccurate, and not at all efficient.

So that brings us to the obvious solution – converting the file format to the one that supports the program you are switching to. In this case, that is converting PST to MBOX. After the conversion is over, the last step you have to do is to import MBOX into Thunderbird or Mac Mail depending on where you are switching to.

However, this process of file conversion isn’t as simple as converting .wav file to .mp3 file by free online converters or basic software tools. Email files can be some of the complex files in computer world because of all the modern-day complexities involved with emails. What you need to get this done correctly is an equally advanced utility that has correct algorithms to process the information, extract all your contents into the format that you want.

Such a professional PST to MBOX converters are hard to find. Most of them aren’t built without consideration to the actual inner problems of the process.

They may be hard to find, but the good news today is that there’s one such professional application built for using directly in Mac OS X that will simplify the entire procedure substantially.

“PST Extractor Pro” – The Best Way to Convert PST to MBOX Mac OS X

Another good news is that you don’t have to being your search for that well-built software utility because that job has been done by us already.

convert pst to mbox os x

PST Extractor Pro” from USL Software meets all the criteria there is to get through this otherwise exhaustive process without breaking a sweat. The simplification of the process by eliminating unnecessary manual steps, by offering advanced features and algorithms, and by creative design of its UI, you will never have to worry about moving PST data into MBOX format.

It resolves the issues commonly seen with other tools. “PST Extractor Pro” best feature is that it converts data accurately and without missing any component.

All your items inside PST files, like images, attachments, non-English text characters, folder hierarchy, contacts, calendar entries, and even metadata will be converted without data integrity loss.

convert pst to mbox

Download to Convert PST to MBOX OS X

You can get the trial edition today to see it for yourself. There are three paid licenses available – personal, household, and commercial.

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Try the free demo mode first and check out the features and the UI in detail.

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Convert PST to MBOX OS X with ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ for hassle free and safe migration.

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