Outlook and Mac Mail are two opposing email clients in every way. They run in Windows and Mac OS respectively and have no common file among them. So, when need to switch from one to another, the migration of data can be a massive setback in your flow of work and productivity. There are many wrong ways to move the contents, but there are also few right ones.

Export Outlook to Mac Mail

Today, we are talking not about the right way but the best approach for everyone from basic home users to experienced IT professional. This method works in every scenario – from moving a couple of folders to massive database migration at work places.

Best Way to Export Outlook to Mac Mail

The answer lies with “PST Extractor Pro“. It is the only software application for this job that avoids the pitfalls most amateurs and sloppy tools fall for. You can be absolutely unaware of the technical details behind the process and yet operate this tool easily and get results like a pro.

Export Outlook to Mac Mail

How It Works

The actual steps you need to take with this are simple and straightforward: load the PST files you want to convert, choose the folders you want to convert (or uncheck the ones you don’t), check the other settings, and click ‘Convert.’

It doesn’t simpler than that.

Advance Algorithms

The real essence is back-end. It is in the logical faculties and programming bits that turns it from a mere file converter to a complete professional software application.

Accurate Conversion

“PST Extractor Pro” works like any other tool on the surface. It extracts the contents from Outlook PST files and implements it into Mac Mail files. But the way it does is how it defines itself. The dedicated scripts that handle all the uniquely intricate pieces of email data deliver far more accurate and complete results than any conventional tool can.

Accurate Mapping of folders

From folders hierarchy to Unicode (English and Non-English text), from images to attachments, from rich-text formatting to HTML formatted, and from nested emails to all other kinds of details are properly handled by “PST Extractor Pro.”

No Data Loss

The fidelity of email files like PST is too important to take lightly. Even a tiniest bit of loss could potentially be devastating, more so for business users. A single graphical component could be your company’s project chart or a single contact could be your biggest client. Not being able to convert these details is called data integrity loss and could range from annoying to absolutely devastating.

Does not alter original data

The worst part is when users fail to detect these losses. You might pick a ordinary tool, convert Outlook to Mac Mail using PST, think that all information is processed, and then move on to delete the original Outlook data. It’s only later when many people realize not all emails and their components are present in Mac Mail.

This, along with many other complications, is what “PST Extractor Pro” has definitely resolved.

Free Trial to Export Outlook to Mac Mail

The job of exporting Outlook to Mac Mail is no longer going to be a trenous, daunting, and tiring process. Get the free trial version of ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ and see it with your own eyes and run it through your own database, how simple and quick it can be, given the right tool.

And for any questions, the team of excellent support is always a click away. Get in touch if you have any queries. They are also present 24 x 7 to solve any unseen setbacks while migrating the data.

On end note: “PST Extractor Pro” also converts Outlook PST to Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, and MBOX and EML files.

Other tools

If you need to move data to other direction, that is from Mac Mail to Outlook, get “Mail Extractor Pro,” a similarly competent tool from USL Software to take care of Mac Mail migration requirements.

Both “Mail Extractor Pro” and “PST Extractor Pro” have free trial editions and different pricing packages to meet the differing demands of everyone, from home user to a corporation.

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