Outlook and Thunderbird are both email clients, used to send, received, and manage your emailing needs. On top of that, they can also be used as your address book for contacts and Calendar for events and reminders.

Export Outlook PST to Thunderbird – Challenges

They are both great in their own ways, as based on the large user base community they have got. But in other ways, they are quite different. The biggest difference is that Outlook has a price while Thunderbird is free. Also, Outlook is for Windows OS by Microsoft and Thunderbird is a cross-platform client for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, built by Mozilla group. Thunderbird’s development priority was officially dropped by Mozilla back in 2012 except security and maintenance updates, but the large community since then took over the development to add new features.

Now coming back to the main point of this post, in spite of both email clients being very popular with a large user base, it’s still very complicated to migrate data across them. Outlook on Windows can only use PST file to export and import data. While Thunderbird has some third-party add-ons to help you migrate (import & export) data across other program, it is still quite difficult to actually do it in practice. Such manual ways of migrating email data often lead users exhausted without even the desired outcome, and sometimes even worse in the form of data loss.

Best Way to Export Outlook PST to Thunderbird

But lucky for you, if you want to export Outlook PST to Thunderbird, we have got the right fit of tool and method that you can use today without efforts.

The answer lies with “PST Extractor Pro”. It’s a software from USL Software to convert files with PST extension to multiple other formats including one for Thunderbird. The tool requires no other add-on or extension or any manual steps of work and is simple to interact with.

export outlook pst to  thunderbird

How to Export Outlook PST to Thunderbird

The steps involving “PST Extractor Pro” is simple and straightforward:

  1. Launch, click on “Load” and select the PST files
  2. Select folders inside the PST that you want to convert
  3. Change the other settings as per desired (like relating to contacts and calendar conversion and more)
  4. Click “Convert” and you are done

There are few other solutions similar to PST Extractor Pro that works on the same principle. But this tool far exceeds all others is in terms of the output data accuracy, speed of conversion, extra layer of protection for your sensitive files, tech support by the company, intuitive UI, and support for content that otherwise don’t get processed (like Unicode, MIME defined headers, encrypted folders, and so on).

There are no other PST to Thunderbird converter available today that has brought all these features together while preserving the intuitive and simple nature of the interface.

If you are an advanced tech user who is tasked with the migration of massive databases on your company’s computers, or just a home user looking for a quick transfer of few folders from Outlook PST and Thunderbird, “PST Extractor Pro” will seamlessly work in both scenarios.

export pst to thunderbird

Get it to export Outlook PST to Thunderbird

USL Software has been offering tremendous value when it comes to software that have to deal with email migration tasks. “PST Extractor Pro” is another one of their additions to an already highly successful product line. And it is available to try for free today.

Along with everything, you can benefit from an always available and friendly support staff of USL Software. They will help you get through any situation or answer any of your queries with full satisfaction.

Get ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ today and export Outlook PST to Thunderbird (Mails, Contacts, Calendars etc.) without any hassle.

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