Easy Approach to Export PST to MBOX – 5 Simple Steps

PST Extractor Pro” is a tool built with the excellence of USL Software, a celebrated name in the domain of email migration. The company had met with hard challenges that are usually present with any form of data migration. But they eventually rose above them, bringing a user-friendly and accurate tool for exporting PST to MBOX.

If you want to go from Outlook to Apple Mail, you need to convert PST to MBOX. There can be other reasons as well to convert these two files. Whatever the reason is, there is no need to be anxious of the job, as many users always are.

Here is what you need to do:

First, if you have not done it already, you need to archive data to PST files from Outlook client. PST is a format that only Outlook uses for data archiving reasons. OST is another form of a file format that Outlook uses, but it is a bit different from PST. To store data locally, you need PST files.

To archive Data to PST file from Outlook’s UI:

  1. Go to Outlook, click ‘File’ > Open & Export > Export to a file
  2. Click ‘Outlook for data file .PST’ and click ‘next’.
  3. Choose the account and the data you want to archive. Choose everything if you want to migrate everything.
  4. Choose the location for PST files and click ‘Save’.

You will get your PST files stored in that location that you can use with the tool to convert to MBOX.

How to Export the PST file from above to MBOX using “PST Extractor Pro”:

Now, we will see how easy it can be to convert PST to MBOX without going insane. The tool presents a simple to use interface that anyone can use without learning any technical details of the job. You don’t need to hire any professional to do this for you. If you know how to send and receive an email, you can do this.

First, begin by copying the PST file from your Windows PC to Mac computer where the tool is installed.

NOTE* – “PST Extractor Pro” is the only PST converter application that can run in Mac.

  1. Launch “PST Extractor Pro”, after downloading and installing it. The link to download the free trial copy is given below.
  2. Click ‘Load’ and choose the PST files.
  3. You will see all the folders inside PST files, and you can even mark them for conversion, or un-mark to exclude them from the conversion.
  4. Next, you will see few additional settings that offer better control and flexibility to the overall job.
    1. You can Merge contacts to a single VCF file
    2. You can Merge calendar data to a single ICS file.
  • You can split MBOX files. Set the maximum size to split the output files if crossed.
  1. Choose if you want to convert and save read and unread emails to two different folders.
  1. Now is the time to choose your output format. Here you can see that the tool can convert PST files to other formats as well, such as Thunderbird, Postbox, and Entourage. Even directly to files such as MBOX, EML, and RGE. Choose ‘MBOX’ for this case.
  2. Click ‘Convert’.

This will get the job started. It will take few minutes to generate the new clean MBOX files with the same data as in PST files.

Now, you simply need to import them to Mac Mail or any other email client that can support them. The procedure for importing is similar in all the clients. Go to ‘File’ and look for ‘export/import’ option. Then follow the instructions and select the MBOX file/s that you converted above.

That is all.

It is the quickest and most effortless method to get your data across Outlook and Apple Mail or other Mac email clients.

You can go with the free trial version to export pst to mbox, if you want to test it out first.

export pst to mbox

To export pst to mbox file format, try PST Extractor Pro today.

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