If you are moving from PST to MBOX, that is, from Windows Outlook to a Mac email client, you have come to right place.

PST is a file used by Windows Outlook to store emails and all other items, such as Contacts, notes, calendar events, tasks, journal entries, etc. MBOX is a file for same purpose used by many Mac email apps, such as, Thunderbird, Entourage, and Apple mail.

If you have decided to move to Mac from a Windows PC, you need to transfer the data as well. The data stored in your Outlook is in the form of PST files, which are incompatible everywhere else. Thus, to import your emails and all other items from Windows Outlook to a Mac client, you need a way to convert PST to MBOX. The rest of the article will discuss exactly that.

Manual conversion of PST to MBOX Mac

The manual conversion of PST to MBOX Mac is very hard and not recommended for common users. It is not only hard but poses many other problems. One such problem is data corruption.

Imagine this – all attachments, images embedded within email body, your folder hierarchy, metadata, and non-English content are all disturbed and corrupted. The unwanted modification in data elements is called data integrity issues, where the end files (MBOX) are very dissimilar to the original files (PST).

Manual conversions are infamous to give unacceptable results in terms of data accuracy. Therefore, we would recommend staying away from them.

PST Extractor Pro – The solution for accurate PST to MBOX Mac conversionconvert pst to mbox

The best and the most convenient solution is to employ a third party app. We have been recommending PST Extractor Pro for a long time now. It deals with PST to MBOX conversions with smart logic. The tool is built to deliver accurate and quality results, which are often absent with mediocre tools.

Here are the features of PST Extractor Pro

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  • The installing is very simple and you can start converting PST to MBOX Mac no time.
  • It keeps the read/unread status of your mails preserved, which is an excellent feature for those who have thousands of mails unread in their database.
  • There is no need to worry about the data safety anymore. PST Extractor Pro keeps your files completely safe.
  • You can convert Outlook windows to mac mail and get 100% accurate results every time you want.
  • It delivers high speeds of conversion, saving your precious hours.
  • Now batch conversion is possible with PST Extractor Pro.
  • You will get the friendliest support 24*7.
  • You get free updates for a lifetime.


More than just PST to MBOX converter

It has the option of converting PST to many other popular format, and not just MBOX. Here are the possibilities with PST extractor Pro

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  • Convert PST to MBOX file format
  • Convert PST to EML file format
  • Convert PST to RGE file format
  • Convert Outlook Address-book to vCard
  • Convert Outlook to Apple Mail
  • Convert Outlook to Thunderbird
  • Convert Outlook to Entourage


You can try the tool without any cost at all. We offer free trial version that you can download and check it out in your own system. The trial version offers all the features that the full version has, except that it will only convert 10 PST files from each folder.

Go ahead and try it now. You can download it directly from here : http://www.pstextractorpro.com.

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