Convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail with it can be super easy, hassle free, safe, secure and accurate. Read this to know more about it.

Anything involving data migration can be disastrous to your productivity. It’s primarily because the data files you are using may not be the same for the program you are migrating to. It may not even be compatible. Same thing applies to Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail migration. Mac Mail doesn’t detect PST format while importing data.

Convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail

This leaves you with the only option of converting PST format to something Mac Mail can import.

But the problem with such conversion is that it can take too long. The modern-day files like PST store a lot of information and processing all of that can be truly drawn-out and exhausting. The larger your PST files are, more time it takes for any generic tool to convert them. They can take anywhere from one hour to several for mere one GB file.

Tool to Convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail

“PST Extractor Pro” was developed to correct this. It’s a software utility from USL Software that multiplies the speed of data extraction so that you don’t have to throw away your precise hours into a technical job.

convert windows outlook pst to mac mail

“PST Extractor Pro” works under the foundation of precise conversion logic and dedicated algorithms for complex elements to give you error-free and quick conversion. It is able to convert PST file to many other formats, one of which is Mac Mail, but you can choose your output format among many others, like: Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, MBOX, and EML files.

The primary difference between this tool and others is the set of algorithms that processes the information. With a generic file converter, you get a slow data-extraction rate that don’t even result in output files free of errors. While “PST Extractor Pro” offers clean and accurate output in a significantly quicker way.

Why Should You Choose it?

Here are some more reasons to pick “PST Extractor Pro” over others:

  • There’s a filtering option allowing to select the folders for conversion easily. Filter folders by their type like mails, contacts, or calendar, and even manually remove/uncheck any folders that are unnecessary.
  • One-click option to ignore all empty folders
  • Option to keep read and unread emails in two separate folders
  • Automatic conversion of contacts to VCF and calendar to ICS files.
  • Option to merge contacts to a single VCF and calendar to a single ICS file per folder, as opposed to each item converting to individual file
  • If you are converting PST to MBOX, you can choose how large the output MBOX file can get before the tool automatically creates a new one, limiting the size of them to make it easier to import them later on.

How to convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail

  1. Launch ‘PST Extractor Pro’.
  2. Click on “Add PST”
    • Browse PST file and click on “Open”.
    • or Drag & drop PST file to the preview panel.
  3. Optional Settings
    • Ignore Empty Folders
    • Check “Mails, Contacts & Calendar to convert
    • Check/Uncheck folders from preview panel
  4. Choose Output format
    • Select output format as “Apple Mail, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)
  5. Click on ‘Convert’
windows outlook pst to mac mail

“PST Extractor Pro” is not just the quickest tool to convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail but also one of the few utilities that features many advanced options and can be used effectively in a larger context (like in corporate computers).

windows outlook pst to mac

Get it to convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail

Try the demo edition today that will help you evaluate your needs easily. The trial version works on ten items within each folder inside PST files, but other than that, there are no disabled features, giving you a perfect opportunity to see how the tool works in action on your personal and unique database of Outlook PST files. Get it here –

Get ‘PST Extractor Pro’ today to convert Windows PST to Mac Mail and other file formats.

The Time-Saving Tool to Convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail!
The Time-Saving Tool to Convert Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail! 1

It has been observed that converting Windows Outlook PST to Mac Mail can result in the loss of productivity considering how much time it takes for a general tool to convert files. And if you have a large database, it can get worse. Here’s how to avoid that.

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