Convert PST to OS X Mail – Convert Data Like a Professional, but Without Getting into Technical Details!

Switching between email clients is already a stressing process. But when you add in the job of migrating data across them, it becomes even more debilitating.

Convert PST to OS X Mail

Today we are going to be discussing a similar prospect of data migration from Outlook in Windows to Mail in OS X (Mac operating system). This commonly done by converting PST files to the format that OS X Mail can understand. However, the problems show up when you use a generic or ordinary file conversion utility that do not take care of the complex items in your files.

This is what is solved effectively by “PST Extractor Pro”. Developed and published by a leading source of email migration tools, called USL Software.

convert pst to os x mail

This app will let you convert the files from Outlook PST to OS X Mail professionally but without requiring you to get into any technical side of the process. The UI is for beginners and non-experienced users, giving everyone the chance to migrate all emails and other items easily.

User Friendly Interface

The primary reason behind the success of “PST Extractor Pro” is its interface. Everything is intuitive and you don’t need to understand the nature of files or any such complicated stuff. Simply load the PST files, check the folders for conversion, check other settings, and you will finish it in no time.

Advance Features

However, there are many other features that has made the tool highly appreciated by everyone, including experts. Without increasingly the complexity of the process, the tool also allows some advanced features that make the process of data transfer much fluid and flexible in a large scale as well. For example, it allows loading of many PST files at the same time, as opposed to converting one at a time. This gives a lot of leverage to IT professionals who have a massive outlook database to export to OX Mail.

Accurate Conversion of Data

The tool features dedicated algorithms for converting items that otherwise don’t get converted with precision. This includes MIME defined headers, Unicode text, folder hierarchy, graphical components, MIME attachments, and more. All such sets of information often get overlooked by generic solutions and with them. You will always end up with partially converted files, filled with data integrity errors.

“PST Extractor Pro” finally provides a quickie and accurate solution to convert the data and not face any such painful data loss or compromises to integrity. You will find every little item converted from the tiniest to the largest.

pst to os x mail

Advance Functionalities

For added control, there are other things you can control during the process. For example, if you want to convert PST to MBOX rather than native OS X Mail folder, you can choose to split the large MBOX files automatically. You can also convert contacts and calendar data to VCF and ICS files respectively.

Note that it built for converting PST to many other formats, including Thunderbird, Postbox, RGE, MBOX and EML files. PST to OS X Mail is just one of its features that is used by most. Outlook and Mac Mail are two email clients with largest user base. But if you want to Move Outlook data to clients like Thunderbird, Outlook Mac, or any other, “PST Extractor Pro” will help you in the same way.

pst to os x mail converter

Try free to convert PST to OS X Mail

Similarly, there are other options and features that you can try directly. Use the free trial version USL Software offers. You can get a better idea of how the tool works with your database. And if you face any problems or have any enquirers to make, a team of expert will support you. They will solve uniquely complicated problems or answer your queries.

Download it here:

To convert PST to OS X Mail, get free trial copy of ‘PST Extractor Pro‘.

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