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Pst files – PST is an acronym for ‘Personal Storage Table” and is an open proprietary file format used by Windows Outlook. It contains all your Outlook data such as emails, contacts, and calendar. They are also often referred to as personal folders file.

Mbox File – Unlike Pst, Mbox is a generic file format for storing email messages. It is not a licensed file format and thus has been in a common use ever since it was first used with Unix platforms. It raised in popularity with email clients’ developers after its format was standardized in 2005. There are many email clients both in Mac and Windows that uses Mbox file to store messages.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Pst file

The similarity between both files is that they are both data files – where data is stored and continuously interact with the clients and the commands given by users through interfaces – and archived files as well – where you can simply archive data for future purposes.

However, the inconvenient fact is that Windows Outlook has its own system and doesn’t use Mbox format and the same standard formats that many email clients do.

This gives Outlook users plenty of benefits over any other format. Such as, each Pst file can store almost 20 Gb of data which is convenient for corporate accounts where administrators usually limit the space on servers per account. It’s important to note that prior to Outlook 2007, the limit for Pst file was only 2 Gb.

Another advantage of Pst file is that Windows can index them, which allows for users to search for them using Windows search feature.

As a side note, if you are working for a company, you should probably find out what are the policies for archiving your data from servers to local Pst files as there are few things that IT dept. don’t like about this practice and there can be compliance issues.

The drawbacks include  – they are offline and local which means you can’t remotely access them. IN case of corruption, they are harder to recover than the data in servers. There are more administrative cost involved with Pst files. And they only work with Outlook.

That last point is one of the reasons why Pst is a great file format but can be an issue while moving another email client.

Problems with Pst files while Moving to a Different Email Client

The biggest problem is that the file format is not built for other clients. It is an open but proprietary file format specifically for Windows Outlook and Microsoft Exchange client. So technically, you cannot import Pst file anywhere else.

The workaround the issue is converting it to a format that other clients can read and accept, such as Mbox.

Mbox is the most popular email file format used by many clients. So you can convert Pst to Mbox, if, suppose, you are moving from Windows Outlook to Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc. Keep in mind that Mbox is also not compatible with Mac Outlook (where Olm is used).

But knowing that you should convert Pst to Mbox is not enough as it is not an easy task and it can’t be done manually. You need third party software to convert these two files and depending on which software you choose, it can either ways – good or bad. In “good”, you would have the data in Mbox files ready to be imported to email clients that support it. In “bad”, you would have countless issues, if the tool converted the files in the first place at all.

Therefore, always go with professional tools, such as “Pst Extractor Pro” by USL software. It is a software program for Mac (you need to copy your Pst files to Mac) that is being advocated by many experts for its user-friendly nature, safety of files, accuracy of conversion, and company support (24×7).

To use the tool, a user simply loads the Pst files (yes, batch conversion is supported), choose the folders to convert, choose “Mbox” as an output file, and click “Convert”. Depending on the size of files and numbers of items inside files and other factors such as computer specifications and current state, the software will take a bit of time to convert the data. It is actually 40 to 60% quicker than other converters. What you get in the end is accurate Mbox files with complete data preserved.

Try it now to Convert Pst to Mbox

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The free trial version can be downloaded using the link given below. If you have any queries or you face a setback during migration, you can always rely upon the almost universally praised 24×7 customer support.

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PST Extractor Pro helps you to convert PST to MBOX, EML, Entourage Archive (RGE), Outlook:mac 2011, Apple Mail Database, Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Database, Postbox etc.

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