Convert Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail effortlessly with OLM Extractor Pro

The conventional ways of converting Outlook 2011 to OS X mail is a very slow process performed manually. Not only does it take away your precious time, the task itself becomes very exhausting, with all the confusing steps and operations.Convert Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail

More than that, it makes your converted OS X files (Apple Mail) look different than Outlook 2011 in many aspects regarding data integrity. Much of the details are lost or not properly transferred. For instance, you may find your images and non-English text to be broken or appear weirdly. Attachments can be lost. Even your structure of folder can be disordered.

Why take that path? When you can take another. The better one.

“OLM Extractor Pro helps you to convert Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail (Apple Mail), Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX and EML file format”

To make an efficient transfer of data from Outlook 2011 to OS X mail, try a professional third-party solution.

One of the best in them is “Olm Extractor Pro”. It will convert the Outlook 2011 Olm files (the files storing all contents in an archived format) to Mbox files (the data files for Apple mail). It is a file converter that gives you the control in your hands, through an intuitive wizard, very swift conversion, and precision in data.

How can you convert Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail using this tool?

“Olm Extractor Pro” works simply.
  •  Specify your Olm files by navigating to the location where they are stored.
  • Next, the tool will preview the folders and the number of items inside each folder from the chosen Olm file. You can check the boxes next to the folders you want to convert, and un-check the rest.
  • The final step is to click “convert” button.

Within minutes, the Mbox files with be ready, and you can export them to apple mail.

On data integrity issue– when Apple mail will display the content from converted MBox files, it will be accurately similar to how it was displayed in Outlook. Every element of data will be exactly how it was associated originally.

The folder structure would be same. Every non-English word would be preserved; along with images inside emails. And, all other attached details, properties, or information will be untouched.

This dynamics or mechanism of Olm Extractor Pro is unique and powerful, while at the same time, remarkably simple. You can let go of all the manual dragging of folders from one location to other. Forget about creating additional accounts; and forget about all the other unnecessary methods that the numerous tutorials on web would have mentioned.

Manual conversion methods may work for one or two emails, or even few folders. But, if you have a bigger database, and numerous types of varying content (such as contacts, notes, calendar entries, distribution lists, and other items), you simply can’t rely upon old, obsolete means of moving email data.

Additional features

Additionally, “Olm Extractor Pro” helps in making the job more easier by offering supplementary features, which are given below. These features make the overall result more coherent and files more suitable for each individual needs. They also extend the scope of the software from merely being a file converter.

It is because of these features that “Olm Extractor Pro” is a comprehensive email migration solution, not just a converter of files.

For instance,

  • It can save your read and unread emails in a separate folder.
  • It can merge your Outlook Calendar data in a single Ics file (per calendar)
  • It can merge your Outlook contacts into a single VCF file (vCard file)

For users with countless folders, it can be challenging to select/deselect the folders right before clicking “convert”. To help make it easier, the tool presents a filter function. You can automatically instruct the tool to display/hide your emails, contacts, and/or calendar entries.

 Suppose, your database is full of email folders, but at this time, you are looking only for conversion of contacts. You can select the “Contacts” checkbox, which will hide all email and calendar stuff from the preview.

  • It can also ignore empty folders. Sometimes, they can be a real pain in the eye if there are countless number of folders.
  • The tool permits to select the location manually, where to save the converted OS X mail files (MBOX).
  • Gives live preview (in real time) of the conversion process, displaying the information of the item as it is being converted. In case of emails, you can view the details such as From, Subject, time, and date as they are being processed for conversion. 
  • For a better analysis of the whole task, you can read the detailed Log report in the end, which is saved to a hard disk of your Mac computer.

More than Just Outlook 2011 to OS X mail converter

Although, Outlook 2011 to OS X mail conversion is most frequently performed, the tool offers other conversion possibilities as well. In fact, it is a full solution to your Outlook 2011 (Olm file) conversion needs. Here are the other output file formats available;-

  • Apple mail (Mbox files)
  • Microsoft Entourage Archive
  • Thunderbird email database
  • EML files

They may sound like few, but most of the popular email clients are compatible with either Mbox or EML or the other available formats. Thus, you can move your content from outlook 2011 to essentially all Mac email clients using “Olm Extractor Pro”.

What more can be asked from an Olm converter?

It is true that “Olm Extractor Pro” certainly meets the expectations. But more than that, it over delivers and gives you ultimate power for email conversion. And its interactive and crisp GUI makes the process sharper, easier, and faster.

Claim the free trial version today!

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OLM Extractor Pro is an ultimate tool to convert Outlook 2011 to OS X Mail , Entourage, Thunderbird/Postbox, MBOX and EML.

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