Have a look, how can you easily Transfer Mails from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

Email migration is a sophisticated job. In big companies, they hired experts to take care of the shift of emails from one email client to others. But what about common home users or small businesses, who can’t afford such a privilege. We have an answer for you.

You must be curious and anxious as how you can transfer mails from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail thoroughly. If so, you will be pleased with the solution.

Transfer Mails from Microsoft Outlook to Mac MailTry “Pst Extractor Pro” to convert your emails files. It will perform very through data extraction from Pst files (Windows Outlook data files) and convert it into Mbox files (Apple Mail files). The true essence of the tool lies in the accuracy of the resulting files.

Data Integrity preservation

By accuracy, it refers to the similarity in the data elements and information from original Pst files. Whatever elements windows Outlook had stored into Pst files will be exactly converted to Mbox without alteration or corruption.

For example, the tool will keep the following items safe during the process and implement all of it into Mbox files

  • The structure of the folder
  • Embedded Images
  • read/unread status of emails
  • email properties (to, cc, Bcc, Subject, from, etc.)
  • all contact fields
  • all calendar information
  • attachments
  • attached graphics, tables, and graphs from email

Interactive Interface and the systematic wizard

The interface guides the user on every step. The graphical wizard has simplified down the overall task extensively.

Here are the main steps explaining how you can transfer mails from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail –

  • Click on ‘Add Pst’ button at the top
  • Navigate to the location where the files are stored and selec them
  • the tool will display the folders inside the files. Check the ones you want to converte
  • click ‘Convert’ button, given at the bottom

This is all there is to it. No more tedious, long, and confusing ways to convert Pst to Mbox.

Added Flexibility

Other than that, you can also do the following –

  • filter the following type of items using the check-boxes – emails, contacts, and calendar – automatically
  • Ignore empty folders and eliminate them from the preview
  • Save read and unread emails on a separate folder after the conversion
  • Merge Outlook contacts to a single Vcf file per contact folder
  • Merge Calendar items to a single Ics file per Calendar folder
  • Split Mbox files if they cross the size-limit. Specify the limit yourself.

Improved Speed

“Pst Extractor Pro” works very fast. It can convert several Gbs of data in no time at all. You can load almost as big as 10Gb of Pst files and expect to receive Mbox files within an hour.

Try “PST Extractor Pro” free trial to Transfer Mails from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

Click here for free edition. It can convert 10 items from Pst to Mbox for each folder.

PST Extractor Pro helps you to transfer mails from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail, Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML file format.

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