Export Outlook email to Mac Mail takes a long time if you are choosing to go the manual route. Since there’s no common data file among both clients, you cannot simply move those data files within their databases. PST is the format used by Outlook and you cannot move PST to Mac Mail; it won’t read them.

Way to Export Outlook Email to Mac Mail

So, if you are forced with the daunting job of exporting Outlook emails to Mac Mail, the best thing to do is avoid the manual exporting methods. Those not only take furious amount of hours, but also end up with damaged data integrity. The other choice you have is to use a third-party professionally graded software utility that delivers precise output, is easy to use, and is also backed up by support.

There are few tools to export Outlook emails to Mac Mail, but a large number of them have no implementation of proper logic and algorithms to handle complex information that can be stored within such emails files as PST.

Before we proceed further, let’s first see what PST is.

To properly and easily export emails in your Outlook, you need an PST file if you don’t have it already. You can archive or backup your Outlook database in PST files using the in-built ‘Export’ feature in Outlook itself. Once finished that, you need the best application to convert these PST files into files that are compatible or are readable by Mac Mail client.

And to do that, there’s no better tool than “PST Extractor Pro.”

Tool to Export Outlook Email to Mac Mail

PST Extractor Pro” has everything you will need to move your data successfully. It is not just a decent converter that somehow gets your data moved across the clients. But a complete software package that makes the whole experience seamless.

Export Outlook Email to Mac Mail

Developed by USL Software, you will get additional options, an intuitive UI, a 24×7 support and a lot more features that are elsewhere absent.

The best way to find out more about the tool and its complete set of features is to try it yourself. The free trial version will help you do that. But if you are in no hurry, take a look at few of the examples of what it can do and how it works:

“PST Extractor Pro” has three most exceptional features that truly makes it a distinct and the ideal solution for the job: Batch conversion support, Intuitive UI, and accurate algorithms to convert without integrity errors.

Quick Review of PST Extractor Pro:

  • The Batch conversion makes it possible to load any number of PST files (and of any size). It converts them all into Mac Mail format seamlessly. The tool can function without sluggishness or constantly freezing regardless of how many and how large PST files you are converted at any given time.
  • The intuitive UI makes it possible even for basic users with no technical experience. The email migration processes are hassle free with this advanced utility easily. There’s no background knowledge required to operate “PST Extractor Pro”. Everything is much simplified for a general user, through smart interface elements, clear instructions, and graphical based wizard.
  • Finally, the algorithms that power “PST Extractor Pro” at its heart are sophisticated and much precise than any other solution. It leaves your output Mac Mail files with the precision close to 100%. Nothing is ever ignored or bypassed by the tool during conversion. It is including all the minute and complex details, such as headers, MIME standard data, attachments, Unicode text, etc.

Export Outlook Emails to Mac Mail

Get it to Export Outlook Email to Mac Mail

The link below will take you straight to the official download page of “PST Extractor Pro”. You can get the installer file for your Mac OS and get started with trial version in no time.

Download ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ from the download page.

If you want to export Outlook email to Mac Mail, then get ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ today.

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