Converting PST to EML files? You will find this article valuable.

PST file is a Windows Outlook native file format to store emails, contacts, and calendar entries as archives. EML is used for the same purpose in Outlook Express. The different between both format is that PST is only compatible with Windows Outlook and EML is now used by many email clients.

It is common for many users to convert their PST files to EML for backing up data locally. This makes it easy to open EML files as opposed to opening PST file (which only Outlook can do). However, finding a good tool to convert the files is still a struggle.

An Email file like PST contains multiple forms of information – emails, contacts, calendar data, email headers, attachments, and more. A tool converting these files should be able to scan them entirely and convert them to EML without loss. Which is a difficult job.

Few tools rise to the occasion. Some have powerful algorithms to convert the data rigorously without making any mistakes. However, they also make compromise with other factors like interface and flexibility. It is hard to find a professional software program encompassing all needs and features.

Hard, not impossible.

And we have have done that for you. There are many false information and false marketing making it nauseating for users to find anything useful. There are free PST to EML converters, paid converters, and free manual methods. It is certainly daunting.

Don’t worry. We have filtered through the noise and found the best tool that converts the files in the best way possible. It is the tool you’d want to have when you are low on time, converting sensitive data, and having no experience on email migration.

And here are the best parts –

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  • It successfully converts any number of PST files of any size in a single pack. No need to convert each file separate anymore.

  • If you have emails in non-English language, you can rely upon this tool to convert them safely without any defects. Emails have allowed communication from any part of the world, therefore, losing non-English text used to be very frustrating. Not anymore.
  • The tool preserves the folder hierarchy as well. Keeping the emails arranged inside folders and sub-folders is how many users maintain their sanity with thousand of emails every day. If they are to be lost during migration, it can be a terrible blow. Thankfully, “PST Extractor Pro” doesn’t let that happen.
  • It can split MBOX files. Large sized MBOX files can be trick to import to Mac Mail or Thunderbird. With PST Extractor Pro you can limit their sizes and the tool will split any file that goes over the limit.


It’s called “PST Extractor Pro”, developed by USL Software.pst to eml converter free

The tool is called PST Extractor because it converts PST files to many other formats. The input file can only be PST, but the output files can be Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, Postbox, EML, RGE, and MBOX format. You only have to select from the list of options which file do you want to convert to.

So, if you are wondering how to convert PST files to EML, “PST Extractor Pro” is your answer. Check the link below to download it now without hesitation. USL Software has previously offered many efficient apps for converting email data files.

To convert PST to EML, Download Free for Trial of PST Extractor Pro (

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