Think you couldn’t have Simple and powerful Outlook to Apple Mail Converter? Think again!

Outlook to Apple Mail Converter

It is quite rational to conclude that a simple, yet powerful and efficient, Outlook to Apple Mail converter couldn’t exist. After all, any such converter would be converting data between two email clients that work on two different operating systems.

Moving the data from two email clients even built for the same platform is very challenging. Then, if the migration involves Outlook and Apple Mail – built for Windows and Mac respectively – how challenging could the task be?

Any tool claiming to convert PST files (Files for Outlook) to Apple Mail would have to first extract the data from PST files stored in Outlook database and convert it into new files for Apple Mail, place each fragment of data where it belongs, and make it supporting for Apple Mail, without any leak of information along the process. And then, finally, present the tool in a way that could be understood and used easily by the end-users.

outlook to apple mail converterQuite possibly, building such a tool would be tricky challenge for many developers. And a popular notion among the users that simplicity of an Outlook to Apple Mail Converter, efficiency, and accuracy could not be achieved.

You would be delighted to hear that this belief is wrong. It was not wrong always but with the launch of PST Extractor Pro, it is.

PST Extractor Pro is one of the safest, simplest, fastest, and most accurate Outlook to Apple Mail converter, offering essentially all features that users reasonably expect from migration tools.

PST Extractor Pro – Outlook to Apple Mail Converter

Here are the three most salient feature that put it in a different set compared to the rest of the tools:

Easy installation & Configuration

Forget the long, multi-steps, and complex installation. It has a simple installation wizard. You can install it just like a regular software – click and proceed!


Extracting the data from a PST file and converting it into another format is not an easy task. It requires intricate programming and very sophisticated system in place to pull off the task successfully.

Consequently, such complication in the technology effects the interface. This makes it very difficult for a common user to operate the tool.

Thankfully, PST Extractor Pro has managed to keep the complexity in the background. It offers a simple and interactive interface in front, resulting in an easy way of operating the tool.


Slow speed is a buzz-killer. Sluggishness of a software is rarely forgivable by the users of currently century.

We understand that mindset clearly. As a result, we put a tremendous amount of work to eradicate any sort of sluggishness of the software. The set of smart programming at its core ensures fast speed and no performance issues at all.

PST Extractor Pro is that surprising alternative that works impressively well to convert PST to Apple Mail. You can even download the free trial for evaluation. ( The free trial version is great to evaluate the tool’s worth without risking you money, if suppose it didn’t fit your needs.

However, we are sure it will.

You don’t want to miss the Outlook to Apple Mail Converter (PST Extractor Pro).

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