Migrating from Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail, We have simpler & smarter solutions

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Microsoft Outlook in Windows uses data file as Pst (personal storage table). It is an open proprietary file format by Microsoft, who also provides free specifications and free irrevocable technology licensing. It is also called ‘Personal Folders’ file by many. And for offline cache exchange mode in Outlook, it is also called Ost (Offline storage table).

Apple Mail on the other hand, natively supports Mbox format for storing data.

Moving from Microsoft Windows Outlook to Apple Mail can be overly complicated because of the incompatibility of data files and difference in platforms. Apple Mail doesn’t support Pst files, and Windows Outlook doesn’t export in Mbox format.

Convert Data Manually From Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail

There is a manual option which can let you move data through these two clients.  Here are the steps to follow –

  • Create a new, dummy email account that supports IMAP. You can use Gmail.
  • Add that Gmail account to Windows Outlook.
  • If the data is in Pst files, import that file to Windows Outlook.
  • The data will automatically sync from Outlook to Gmail server. Give it time to finish the syncing completely. If there are many items, it may take time depending on the internet speed and size of database.
  • When done, add the same email account to Apple Mail. And the data will this time sync from Gmail server to Apple Mail.
  • When done, you can see the data stored in the folder with the name of your dummy email account.

The positive point about this approach is that it is free because you don’t buy any third party application. It also doesn’t require any installment. However, as far as the positive points go, that’s the end.

There are many issues with this approach. Wasting a lot of internet bandwidth/usage is the least worrisome of that. It is very slow and tedious and require many manual actions. Not at all doable by common users who aren’t an expert. But the worst of all is that it doesn’t even migrate the data properly. Even at the slight disconnection, you can notice many errors in your emails after migration. It rarely happens smoothly to give you data without losing integrity.

The solution!

But don’t worry. The method mentioned above is not the only solution there is for migrating from Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail.

The approach that’s recommended by many is using a professional third party tool. However, the sad part is that there are many lousy tools and they can make things worse. They usually do.

USL Software’s “Pst Extractor Pro” is a Mac email migration tool that certainly doesn’t come in the same category. It falls under the other end of the spectrum. It is professional, accurate, and easy to use program for converting Pst files to Apple Mail Mbox files.

migrating from Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail

The free trial version gives the chance to convert 10 items per folder and has no other restriction to the features full version offers. So this gives you the true impression of its capabilities.

Moreover, USL Software also backs up every tool with 24×7 customer support, including this one. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a problem while converting data files.

Download the free trial version now for migrating from Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail.

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