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Email migration is perhaps trending since last few years when many email clients, like Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, came into existence. A certain time ago, there were no email clients, or at the very least, there were just few at hand. Users had to content themselves with the one they used.

Migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple MailNow, there are so many to choose. If there isn’t a real, practical need to move, there is at least a curiosity of trying different. In many cases, the existing email client may lack to offer what a different client holds for them. We do want to see if the grass on other is greener.

One such transition is usually observed related to Outlook 2011 and Applemail. Many number of users are trying to migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple mail, trying to export the emails, contacts, and other items from their Outlook 2011 database to Applemail database.

Here, we will learn how you can perform this operation steadily, safely, and conveniently.

First, a recommendation, or more like a warning – always avoid manual methods of migrating Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. It may work sometimes when the data is less, just few emails and other stuff. But, if you have a considerably bigger database, you will find yourself at big trouble. Not only is it very difficult, but if somehow managed to do that, the obtained data for Applemail (mbox files) would come all broken and corrupted, missing important elements of original data.

To make this job much easier, you can employ a third party email migration tool, and the best one to do it is – Olm Extractor Pro. The tool has depth in-scan technology that sweeps the original Outlook 2011 (Olm files) entirely and comprehensively. Moreover, the design is adequately built for beginners who can use it fluently and easily. The biggest aspect of the design is its graphical wizard, which guides users systematically and lead them home.

OLM Extractor Pro, Simplified your Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail migration needs. Migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, MBOX, EML easily.

The unique and very effectual 3-step dynamics of the tool allows to move emails, contacts, tasks, calendar entries, and every other items stored in Olm files (the data file for Outlook 2011) to Mbox files (Applemail compatible files) in just 3 clicks. Load Olm files, choose the folders you want to convert, and click ‘start’.

Olm Extractor Pro starts converting the files with as fast as 10gb/minute rate. And, the conversion system of the tool presents the converted files sharply accurate and similar to the original. That means, it leaves no space for any data leak or irregularities in your content. Every element originally associated with Outlook 2011 files (Olm) is preserved. Attachments, email headers (to, Cc, Bcc, Subject, From, etc.), imbedded images, and folder structure are protected.

But, the most valuable is the non-English characters that it can preserve. If you receive content in language other than English, it is highly probably with essentially all other tools that you would eiterh lose them entirely, or find the text corrupted and broken. But with Olm Extractor Pro, there is no such thing. It generates files in Unicode, such that even japanese and chinese content is preserved as well.

Moving email data across any clients is always very daunting, if not taken a proper help, either of an expert or of a nifty tool. Manual methods are almost obsolete now as almost everybody receives enough number of mails that can’t be migrated manually. Keeping all that in mind, Olm Extractor Pro will help you in a surprising way, and will make the path easier and faster, without any troubles along the way.

To Migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, Download OLM Extractor Pro Today

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Try it today. The free trial version can convert 10 items from each folder of Olm file.

OLM Extractor Pro helps you to migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML file format.

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