The PST is a file used by Outlook to archive data. It is an open proprietary file that  is not compatible with any other email client (except Outlook), like Thunderbird.

So, naturally, this incompatibility gets in the way when users wish to migrate data from Windows Outlook to Thunderbird.

One option is to migrate the data internally using an email server. So you sync the data to the server from Outlook client and then sync from the server to the Thunderbird client. You will not need any PST files for this.

Obviously, this is going to take long and will zilch your internet bandwidth limit under few minutes. And the method hardly ever migrates the data accurately. Often there will be many missing objects that failed to sync because of an assortment of some sPEPtrange issues with the internet or other involved components. Most frequently, you will find embedded images, email attachments, nested messages, SMTP headers, and metadata lost.

The other method is to use a third party converter that can convert the PST files to the files compatible to import into Thunderbird.

This is where USL Software, a well-known software company, comes in. It developed a Mac application called “PST Extractor Pro”, the first ever Mac compatible program for converting PST files.

“PST Extractor Pro” allows you to convert PST files into many other output formats, including Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage, Postbox, EML,  RGE, and MBOX.

Everything about this program is user-friendly. Installing is quick and requires no initial configuration setup. The interface to convert the files is intuitive and self-explanatory. You can literally start converting your files 5 minutes from now, and it can be all over under half-an-hour (depending on the total size of PST).

The steps to convert the files are straightforward —

  • Copy the PST file to Mac and load it into “PST Extractor Pro” (note that it can be more than one file; the tool is capable of dealing with batch conversion).
  • Check the folders you want to convert and choose the output format you want to save the files to.
  • Click ‘Convert.’
  • Import the converted files to ‘Thunderbird’.

Here the only inputs required are to load the files and choose the folders, making the process manageable for even users with no experience. The entire design of the interface is neat free of any confusing buttons or features.

But make no mistake about its simplicity. “PST Extractor Pro” is simple, not limited. It offers multiple options and features to add flexibility, making it further polished and refined for ultimate users’ experience.

  • You can save read and unread emails in separate folders.
  • It also converts contacts and calendar entries to Vcf and ICS File respectively.
  • You can even merge multiple contacts and calendar entries to a single VCF and ICS file respectively.
  • Create a second Mbox file after a particular size is reached, making sure large database does not lead to massive MBOX files.
  • It also fully converts non-English emails with no problems.
  • It keeps the folder hierarchy maintained.

The free trial version to convert pst file to Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook:mac 2011, Postbox, PST to MBOX & EML file format.

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