Export Outlook PST to EML easily. However, usually, it doesn’t go so simply as you might expect. Today we have a solution for you that will surprise you with its ease of use and accuracy.

Export Outlook PST to EML file

Outlook PST is a file format only applicable in the Outlook client, both Mac and Windows. But that is its limitation. If you want to get that data from Outlook or PST to other clients like Windows Live Mail or any other.

Here are we are discussing one such tasks relating to moving incompatible data files across two email clients or in other words, converting one file format to another. Exactly the project we are undertaking here is exporting Outlook PST to EML, which is technically impossible in a straightforward manner.

Neither Outlook offers any official in-built feature to export the data to EML format nor does any email client offer any such option to import data from PST.

But there’s a workaround. It involves a third-party file converter that can convert the files from PST to EML. More precisely, these tools extract the data first and then implement it all into new file with the format that you want, which is EML in this case.

Exporting Outlook PST to EML With Converter

Now there are plenty of such converters but what you want may not be fully offered by all such generic tools. Most importantly, you want them to process all kinds of items and information PST files can contain. We have come a long way from mere text files to more complicated data storage capabilities. The database in Outlook in PST form may contain anywhere from Non-English text to images to attachments and much more. There are also MIME defined headers and metadata, your folders and their arrangement, cloud-based links, Unicode email addresses, etc.

The primary objective of every user is to accurately get all of these items from PST to EML. But the data accuracy of that standard is hard to get by generic file converters. And thus, it’s highly recommended that you go with a professional software application that is not just a file converter but a complete software solution built with proper algorithms and processing power to output accurate files with no loss to data integrity.

Get the tool to export Outlook PST to EML

We recommend “PST Extractor Pro” for this, as it is one of the few solutions that has got everything you need to get the job done perfectly. It is not only 100% precise in dealing with data but has got many more other features that a generic converter doesn’t. Such as, you can choose from multiple output file formats to convert PST files to; EML is just one of the options. It can also convert contacts and calendar data items to VCF and ICS files respectively.

export outlook pst to eml

How to export Outlook PST to EML

  1. Launch ‘PST Extractor Pro‘.
  2. Click on “Add PST“. (Note: You can add one or more PST files)
  3. Check optional settings.
  4. Select the output format: EML file (*.eml, *.ics, *vcf).
  5.  Then click on ‘Convert‘.

How to export Outlook PST to EML

To know more about such features and to take a look more closely at how it works, download the free trial version with the link given here. You can convert ten items per folder within PST files to EML but would get access to all the features for you to try out.

Get free trial copy today and export Outlook PST to EML file formats.

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