Here’s How to Avoid the Trap Most Users Find Themselves in While Exporting Outlook PST to Apple Mail!

We all often change or switch services from one to another, depending on our changing needs and demands. A software application isn’t so different. Depending on what our work involves, we might have to change our tools and software as well. And as long as it’s just the change in software, the switching can be relatively simpler. But if there’s data involved with those tools, then we have a big problem in our hands.

Export Outlook PST to Apple Mail

This article is about one of those tasks of switching software applications that is heavily involved with data.

We are talking about migration of data across different email clients. And the clients in question here are not just different email clients but work on different operating systems – Mac OS X and Windows.

We are talking about moving from Windows Outlook PST to Apple Mail. And these email clients deal with emails and other information like contacts and all the events, reminders, and other entries on calendar. To switch from Outlook to Apple Mail, you also have to migrate all this complex data as well. Considering the complexity of emails today, it’s safe to say that the job is not so simple.

Moreover, when we are talking about large database in Outlook, it can be even harder. All those folders you have stored in your Outlook can be tough to migrate to another client that doesn’t support the same file format Outlook does.

Let’s take a look at what files these clients use and how they store data.

Outlook File formats

Outlook primarily uses two files – OST and PST. Both are almost similar in nature but have different purposes. OST is for offline use and is often by default synced with the servers. So any changes you make in an offline mode gets synced to your mail servers. PST, on the other hand, is a more personal data file used for archiving, backup, and migration. It’s also called “Personal Storage Table”.

When it comes to transferring the folders, most common approach is to use the PST files because you can manually export all of those folders into one or multiple PST files and then operate those files manually. But that approach only works when the client you want to move the data to supports the same PST file format, and that happens to be only Outlook (on Windows and Mac).

That’s the crux of the situation:

PST format is incompatible with Apple Mail. You cannot simply copy those files and move then to Apple Mail database or even import them. To get them imported to Apple Mail, you first have to convert them to format that Apple Mail can detect and import, which is MBOX or EMLX.

Such tasks of converting the files is at the heart of email migration from Outlook PST to Apple Mail. And sadly, there’s no official tools either from Microsoft or Apple that lets you do that. You have always to rely on third-party software applications built around the files and their differences.

This is where USL Software comes in.

Best Way to Export Outlook PST to Apple Mail

USL Software is one of the leading sources of excellent and professionally developed tools for email migration. The company has been offering proper support for both home users and large corporations to get their massive databases imported/exported across different platforms and clients. This time, they have come up with “PST Extractor Pro” that is of great help to export Outlook PST to Apple Mail by converting the files into appropriate format.

Export Outlook PST to Apple Mail

One of the best features of “PST Extractor Pro” is that it offers options to choose the output format that you want. For Apple Mail, you can either select the standard MBOX format or Mac Mail native database folder directly. It’s much easier to import the database folder itself than standard MBOX files.

How to Export Outlook PST to Apple Mail:

  1. Start by selecting your PST files first. You can choose the folder that contains all PST files.
  2. Next, select the folders you want to convert. Leave them all ticked if you want to convert everything, or you can manually untick any folder that is not necessary to move to Apple Mail.
  3. Now select the output format to be “Apple Mail
  4. You can also check other available settings relating to contacts and calendar (more on that below).
  5. Finally click “Convert” and wait for the tool to process all the folders from PST files into Apple Mail files.
  6. Once done, you can directly go to the output location and import the converted files to Apple Mail.

Note that “PST Extractor Pro” can also convert PST files  to Outlook 2011, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and even EML files (natively used by Windows Live Mail but is now generic file compatible with many emailing programs).

convert outlook pst to apple mail

Support Large file and Convert multiple PST file at once

“PST Extractor Pro” has much more than a simple and straightforward process to move your folders. It also supports many features that users have been asking for a long time.

For example, it can handle very large PST files and in bulk. So just select the folders with all your PST files and do not worry about the overall size of that folder. The tool will easily handle the bulky migration steadily without ever crashing or freezing.

Support Unicode Contents

Another important feature it brings to the table is the support for converting non-English text characters under Unicode standard. Because emails are often used as a primary mode of communication across the world and to have emails in non-English text is not so uncommon today. If you have clients or friends or anyone from non-English speaking countries, the tool will easily convert the text from all such emails.

More importantly, it handles double-byte characters’ conversion with ease. This includes languages and writing systems like Chinese and Japanese; their characters are encoded in double-byte as opposed to single bytes in languages like English and other ASCII supporting systems.

Special Care for Calendars & Contacts

“PST Extractor Pro” can also get your contacts and calendar entries and convert them into VCF and ICS files respectively. There’s an additional option to convert items from each folder into a single appropriate file (VCF or ICS) as opposed to multiple files for each entry. It makes handling and management of data much easier in Apple Mail after conversion.

outlook pst to apple mail

Try it to Export Outlook PST to Apple Mail

To know more about this tool, get the trial setup installed today and use it free of cost for unlimited period of time. The only thing different about trial version from full is that it limits conversion to ten items from each folder, but it is enough for you to test it thoroughly and see how it performs in real time with your personal database. You can check out all the features and the interface at your own leisure.

Get it here:

Lastly, the support offered by USL Software is what offers that last and most important addition to the entire experience. If you are a total beginner and you have any queries or problems, get in touch and expect to resolve your situation in no time. The support staff is incredibly helpful and quick to respond.

To export Outlook PST to Apple Mail, Address Book, Calendar (iCal), Get ‘PST Extractor Pro’ today.

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