Looking to move from Windows Outlook to Entourage, here’s what you need to know so you don’t have to hire an expert or beg your friends to do it for you. No matter how skilled you are, of even if you are a complete beginner, the solution given below will work like charm for a computer task that is otherwise further away from all positive adjectives like “charm”.

PST and RGE? Eh?

Don’t be alarmed by my choice of words on the first headline for this post. You actually don’t have to do with anything pst or Rge related, or any other headache inducing acronyms, for that matter. I am just looking to enlighten my readers, but it is something that you can clearly skip and move on to the next headline – “how to convert .Pst to .Rge”.

.Pst is an acronym for Personal storage table, which is format for file that Windows Outlook uses to store offline data (not the server data). .Rge is the similar type of file format, only it is for Entourage.

Therefore, to move your emails from Windows Outlook to Entourage, you have to convert .pst to .rge.

How to convert Pst to rge Free?

Download “Pst Extractor Pro” free, which is currently the best tool to do that – here.

It is basically all-in-one solution to make the transfer of data from Windows Outlook to many other email clients for Mac such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, etc.

What it does is squeezes out – or better, copies – every ounce of data from Pst files to implement it into .Rge, but without actually harming or changing the original Pst file in any way. The .Rge files created this way are now fully tested to be the most accurate when compared with the data in original Pst. Everything remains the same – attachments, images, structure, attached object, non-English text – just the file extension changes from .pst to .rge.

Preserves folder hierarchy: It maintains the same folder order as in the source (Outlook .pst). This makes it easy to find and maintain the content after the conversion.

Preserves Unicode content: Unicode content means the content not in English language. Languages other than English are in a different format. However, do not worry about it anymore. It efficiently takes care of Unicode content as well and does not let it corrupt or delete.


And last but not least, its support is incredible. Stuck somewhere during pst to rge conversion? Want some clarity regarding the process or the software? Do not hesitate to contact the 24 hours customer support.

Although the instructions are very clear, it is understandable that somewhere, something is not clear. In that case, you can take help from our enthusiastic team of customer support team. You would be amazed by their energy and willingness to help.

If you are unsure about its quality, you can go with the free demo version and try it for yourself. This free trial version gives you the privilege to convert 10 .pst items from each folder to .rge.

Download it here.

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