Convert Pst file to Entourage 2004/2008 with PST Extractor Pro

Users also constantly switch from Windows to Mac depending on their needs and other factors. One of the things that come up during the shift is the change in email client.

Changing from Windows Outlook to Entourage for Mac is the most common, perhaps because Entourage is now free of cost and a great email client. And so is Windows Outlook. But it doesn’t help users transfer their data easily without much trouble. There are few methods and features that in some way helps in transferring the data but those methods are not worth trying.

convert pst file to entourageThat’s why there are third party applications that help you do that in a better way. What these applications do is they convert the Outlook files (in Pst format) to Entourage format so you can import them back to Entourage. Unfortunately, Pst is not supported by Entourage and it is unlikely that Entourage will ever be able to bring support for Pst files. So converting Pst to files that Entourage support is the best method.

To do this quickly, you can bring “Pst Extractor Pro” into use. Its super-fast ability for data computation and conversion would make the task quiet easy and smooth, and save your time in an otherwise time consuming job. The way its programming is done is to swiftly work through the contents inside Pst files, extract every single unit of information and put it back to Entourage files without any escape of data.

convert pst file to entourageIn other words, “Pst Extractor Pro” is incredibly fast and does not compromising its ability to preserve data integrity. The conversion of Pst file to Entourage, even though lightning fast, is sharply precise. And with all this power, it also runs very smoothly without affecting Mac’s performance.

That makes for a more impressive fact that its graphical interface is nothing short of amazing. Most tools have a truly messy and confusing interfaces. With “Pst Extractor Pro” every feature, every button, and every step makes complete sense to even the most basic users. Through its creative design of GUI, the tool has simplified the conversion to a appreciable degree.

To convert Pst file to Entourage –

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  • Launch “Pst Extractor Pro” after installing it.
  • Click on “load”, point to the location where Pst files are stored, and select them.
  • Choose your folders for conversion.
  • Pick “Entourage 2004/2008” as the output format from the list.
  • Click “Convert”.


It will begin the conversion with a rate of almost 1 GB per 8 minutes, or even faster depending on your computer’s specs.

There are many other features of “Pst Extractor Pro” that helps make the process effective. It also gives you more control over how you’d like to perform the task. You can, for instance, hide the empty folders, or filter the folders according to the type of content (emails, contacts, calendar).

“Pst Extractor Pro” has a trial edition that is completely free to download. Here’s the link. It works for converting 10 items per folder from Pst file to Entourage. There is also a customer support assisting you 24×7 regarding any of your questions or setbacks, if any.

PST Extractor Pro helps you to convert PST file to Entourage, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, PST to MBOX, EML file format.

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