Migrating data is always a big annoyance for everybody. Be it big corporations, or a small scale business, or an individual at home. Moving of data that is important, confidential, sensitive from one platform/app/computer to another is never easy. There is always that persistent fear of losing some of your data.

So, this anxiety of data migration is double fold when the data being migrated is between two email clients for two different platforms (Windows and Mac). Today we are talking about a similar email migration – conversion of data from Windows Outlook to Entourage 2008 for Mac.

Corporations have an advantage. They can hire programmers or software developers to build a custom tool for them that can help them make this big transition. A common home user can’t do the same. So they rely upon anything they can find on Internet, either a manual method or a cheap program to make this possible for them. However, since email migration is an industry not as huge email technology, there are no professional solutions available to make the task easy, at least not any well-known and popular solutions.

But that doesn’t mean they do not exist. Due to many manual methods that are on the internet, many users do not get to know about these tools. They follow those solutions offered by some blogger. Sometimes it works for them, sometimes not. And even if it does, the solution is never accurate or precise enough to make them satisfied.

However, if you are looking to convert Outlook to Entourage 2008, and want the same results like a pro, you are in luck today.

One of the best professional tools for such a case of email migration (Convert Outlook to Entourage 2008) is called “Pst Extractor Pro”.

Convert Outlook to Entourage 2008

And it is as simple as it can possibly get.

So, you just have to export the emails and other data from your Windows Outlook to a Pst file. Then load this Pst file into the tool, choose the folders for conversion, and click ‘convert’ after choosing “Entourage 2008” as output format. Once this conversion is complete, you will get the files compatible with Entourage 2008 which you can import.

The good thing is not just its usability and simplicity; it is also how accurate and complete it is in its conversion. Well, if you have ever tried manual conversion methods, you will realize how painful it can be to notice much of your data elements not fully converted. Well…there is no such issue with Pst Extractor Pro.

Whatever that was in your Pst file (or Windows Outlook) will be fully transferred into Entourage 2008 files – all of your email attachments, embedded graphical data, the properties of emails such as the subject line, time and date stamps, sender and receiver Ids, etc. Even the structure of folder, nested messages, non-English content, and read/unread status of emails will be preserved.

So basically, through its excellent design, the tool offers you an incredibly user-friendly interface to make the task smooth and easy for you. And through its inner programming, the conversion is as accurate and precise as possible. Just like a big corporations would achieve through their professionals tech staff. Now, it is possible at a very low cost.

You can see how it works by downloading its limited edition here. The only thing limited with this limited edition is that it converts only 10 items from each folder inside the selected Pst file.

To Convert Outlook to Entourage 2008, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML file format, PST Extractor Pro perfect for you.

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