Convert Outlook PST to EML using ‘PST Extractor Pro’

The commonly held belief around any email migration task is that it is difficult, time consuming, and never fully accurate. This also applies to the job of converting Outlook PST to EML.

In this post, we’ll see how a tool from USL Software, called “PST Extractor Pro” is going to change the way you saw email migration activities.

What is Outlook PST to EML conversion exactly!

Outlook PST to EML conversion is basically a task that accomplishes the migration of data from Windows Outlook to other email clients, like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or even Thunderbird. PST and EML files are data files that store data natively associated with Outlook and Windows Outlook Express respectively.

Where PST is strictly relates to Windows Outlook only, EML is more like a generic file, capable of importing data to many other email clients. Therefore, to move Windows Outlook data, you cannot simply use PST files. You need to first convert it into EML.

Why Converting Outlook PST to EML is Usually a Tedious Job!

Since both files have their own ways of working and for storing data, it can get tough to convert their formats. You need to extract contents from PST files and convert them to EML, and that often ends up with crippled and corrupt data. Converting files through traditional tools can cause annoyances, like: losing folder hierarchy, breaking the folder hierarchy, missing email details (to, from, subject), and more.

Sadly, the third-party applications (PST to EML converter) are really limited and do not offer users an efficient way to get this done. These converters have poor graphical interfaces that can make it hard for them to use the tool. They also don’t have adequate programming to extract data thoroughly. Most of them have no support.

The Best Way to Convert Outlook PST to EML

But since you are here, don’t worry about this anymore. “PST Extractor Pro” from USL Software will get you what you need. It’s an amazing tool that can convert data without getting everything into a frenzy.

convert outlook pst to eml

“PST Extractor Pro” has a simple graphical interface that you can use easily without any technical experience of email migration. The creative design team did an impressive job in structuring all the feature-set nicely into the wizard screen for flawless migration.

But the most important distinction in “PST Extractor Pro” is its data accuracy. You cannot expect anything to go wrong or any item to be partially converted. From metadata and headers to email attachments to everything else is converted from Outlook PST to EML without any issues.

The tool also supports batch conversion so you can now convert multiple Outlook PST files to EML in one go. No need to convert a single PST file to EML one at a time.

converting outlook pst to eml

Get it to Convert Outlook PST to EML

So download the free trial version here and get started.

Click here to download ‘PST Extractor Pro’.

pst to eml

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Get ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ today to convert Outlook PST to EML, MBOX, RGE, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.

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