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“Mail Extractor Pro” is a software built specially for beginners who aren’t expert and are looking to move their Apple Mail data to Outlook 2016. It has been a little hard to tackle moving emails from Apple Mail to other Mac Outlook. But with the launch of Outlook 2016, you can now import Pst files to Outlook 2016, which was a file format used only for Windows Outlook until now.

Therefore, with this tool, you cannot only transfer your contents from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016, but also to Windows Outlook versions. The tool is capable of converting the Apple Mail to Pst files with precision. Precision here is a key term. Because, whenever you deal with email migration, the odds of incomplete migration is always there. Sometimes you lose complete files, sometimes you lose the parts of data, or sometimes you find the data modified.

But that’s not the issue with “Mail Extractor pro”. Its deep scanning technology ensures a full conversion, which includes attachments, images embedded within the body of emails (and all other graphics), properties of email (Meta-data, etc.), sender and receiver details, time and date of emails, nested messages, flag status, read/unread status, etc. The bottom line is that you can expect literally all of your data and its properties converted to Pst files for Outlook 2016 or windows Outlook versions.

This is a success in its own. For the first time, users can now convert their email data without a single worry regarding incomplete migration or data loss or corruption. And then you throw in its other impressive features, and you get a complete and trust-able solution for Apple Mail migration needs.

Here is the list of all the Outlook versions the Pst file supports

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  • Outlook 2016 for Mac
  • Windows Outlook 2013
  • Windows Outlook 2010
  • Windows Outlook 2007
  • Windows Outlook 2003
  • Office 365


Convert Apple Mail to Pst Free

How to convert Apple Mail to Pst?

Its easy. You simply launch the tool and follow the instructions. In mere 3 steps you can perform the conversion like a professional.

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  • Start “Mail Extractor Pro”. Click “Load” and choose from the two options. You can either instruct the tool to auto-load your Apple Mail database from the “Mail” folder in your Mac. Or, manually load the Mbox files.

  • Once the data is loaded, the tool displays the folders inside the database or Mbox files. You can tick the check-boxes for the folders you want to convert, and leave the ones you want to exclude.
  • Click “convert”. It will begin extracting the data thoroughly, and in no time will convert everything to Pst files.


“Mail Extractor Pro” has essentially brought the whole task to a level where common users, who aren’t expert or professional in dealing with such high-end computer tasks, can perform it without any effort.

To convert Apple Mail to Pst free – simply download the setup

Install it, and follow the steps outlined above. You can convert 10 items from each folder without any cost.

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If you are looking for unlimited conversion, you can always pay for different licenses strategically brought for special needs. If you are a corporation who needs to install it on several computers, choose the license appropriate for you. Similarly, there is license for personal home user which can be used only one computer, but offers unlimited conversion of data.

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