Add Outlook PST to Thunderbird WIthout Any Data loss

There’s no direct way to add Outlook PST to Thunderbird Mac or Windows. Because PST is an open-source but proprietary file format for Windows Outlook alone, meaning, it is not compatible with any other program such as Thunderbird.

Seeing this, many tech-savvy users and software companies brought their own solutions to somehow add Outlook PST to Thunderbird. One of the methods is syncing all the data to an email account using IMAP and then syncing it back to into Thunderbird client. However, all such manual techniques quickly became outdated as they were painfully slow, inefficient, inaccurate, and sometimes risky for the sensitive data.

So, how can you add Outlook PST to Thunderbird?

The best solution that is approved by many reputed experts and review sites is “PST Extractor Pro.” PST Extractor Pro sidesteps the incompatibility of PST files with Thunderbird by converting it to files that are easily read by Thunderbird. The tool indulges in all kinds of PST files (from Outlook 2007 edition to the latest) and isn’t affected by the kinds of data you have.

add outlook pst to thunderbird

The tool is built with extreme precision and with a keen eye for users’ demands and comfort.

That’s why it offers features that haven’t been available elsewhere for this job.

  • You can now convert PST files in bulk
  • You don’t have to worry about your non-English text
  • All the email items like Attachments, images, headers, metadata, are converted
  • The tool even brings contacts and calendar conversion feature into the picture
  • There is also 24×7 customer support to further make the job easy and stress- – free
  • The incredibly simple GUI will surprise and please the beginners

All the feature above are not only a nice little addition to the tool, but absolutely essential to the whole job of adding Outlook PST to Thunderbird. If you have never converted PST files to any other format by any tool, you will be surprised how difficult and time consuming it can become without the set of features above. And yet, most tools don’t offer them.

add pst to thunderbird

Super Easy to Add PST to Thunderbird

Outlook and Thunderbird are nice email clients that many users use on a daily basis. The lack of official support by either Apple or Microsoft has often disappointed users who wish to switch or need to transfer data for any reason. It is being made worse by the flood of mediocre and inefficient tools that claim to offer the solution, but end up converting partially or even losing the data integrity.

All those challenges and pains have been effectively ended by USL Software, the company behind “PST Extractor Pro.”

If you are not yet confident about its potential, the best way is to download the setup here and install it in free trial mode. You don’t need to sign up or give any information to access the free trial version. The link given above is for instant downloading of .dmg installer file.

When you are satisfied with the features and the interface, you can buy the full license. The free trial mode has no restriction to the actual features but only convert ten items per folder.

Download it to Add Outlook PST to Thunderbird

Get it today and add your Outlook data to Thunderbird by the most recommended tool by many experts.

Download Now at /download-now/.

add outlook to thunderbird

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To add Outlook PST to Thunderbird, get ‘PST Extractor Pro’ today.

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