PST file is a file used by Windows Outlook, and it is not compatible with any other email client. That is why many users prefer to convert PST to EML so that they can import data to other email clients. EML is a file format that can be used with many programs.

To do that, you are going to need a third party application that can convert these two files safely without losing data. This is important because, just as with any transformation, the data can be lost and the output files can be very different from the original, same is with PST to EML conversion.

converting pst to emlYou can find missing images, unreadable text, messed up folder hierarchy, lost email headers (to, cc, bcc, subject, and from) and many other. This is called ‘data integrity loss’ and is one of the biggest concerns while converting PST to EML. So it is important to choose the tool that offers a safe and thorough migration.

Another problem is awful user interfaces of conventional tools that make the task difficult. This is crucial for everyday users who are not experts in email migration.

To overcome these existing problems and drawbacks of PST to EML conversion, USL Software introduced “PST Extractor Pro.”

convert pst to eml

It effectively ends the first two major concerns —

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  • Incomplete conversion and loss of data integrity
  • Complex due to convoluted user interfaces


#1 – Through the intelligent logic used for converting data, the tool preserves data integrity and does not lose a single byte of information during the process. It picks up everything, extracts the information, and implement it into EML files with precision.

#2 – The interface was designed to simplify the process down to few steps and inputs. The UI is self-explanatory, and there is less requirement for manual actions. You just have to load your PST file, check out some optional settings, and click ‘convert’ to convert it to EML. That is all.

Convert PST to EML, Some other notable additions to its features list are —

Bulk Conversion — Many users have multiple files for they want to convert to Pst. “Pst Extractor Pro” now brings the much-wanted feature of bulk conversion of PST files to EML. The tool makes no compromise with the accuracy and performance of the conversion.

Other formats — Other than PST to EML conversions, the tool also converts PST topst to eml

  • Mozilla Thunderbird,
  • Mac Mail,
  • Entourage 2004/2008,
  • Postbox,
  • MBOX file, and
  • RGE file.

That is why it is called “PST Extractor Pro” because the input file is PST and you convert it into any of the above output formats. If you are moving away from Windows Outlook to other email clients, it is the ultimate software application you would want.

Full Support for All Languages – Communication via email is not limited to any particular country. It is worldwide and therefore the chances of you communicating with non-English users is high. Sadly, many of the email migration tools cannot preserve non-English content.

Moreover, there is also award-winning tech support. It is always available (24×7) to serve you concerning any queries or setbacks.

To convert pst to eml, get the evaluation copy

You can download the installation file below and use it as a free trial. It converts ten items from each folder in test mode. If you like it, you can buy a full license anytime later on.

If you are planning to convert pst to eml, must try PST Extractor Pro before taking any decisions.

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