Convert Outlook to Apple Mail in correct way

Outlook stores data in PST files. But it’s a proprietary format (albeit, open), and is not compatible with any other email client other than itself or Outlook in Mac. That raises the question – how is one supposed to transfer the locally stored emails to another email client. Generally, the email migration can be done through the data files. But it is used only when the both email clients involved can support some generic file format. Like Mac Mail and Thunderbird can both use MBOX file. Or PST can be used with Mac Outlook.

But when the file format clashes, the trouble starts brewing.

Luckily, there are tools to get this done. You simply use a third party tool to convert the file format accordingly. So, to convert Outlook to Apple Mail, you can convert PST files to MBOX files.

However, sadly, this doesn’t solve the problems of a basic everyday user. This is because most of the converters that offer such file conversion are built without any consideration to the beginners. In fact, they can be quite hard to bring into use even by IT experts. They are slow, inefficient, and hard to use. They open a big can of worms that can bring chaos into your years of maintained database.

But also, fortunately, there is a solution somewhere if you look hard enough. And that solution is available here, in this very page you are reading.

PST Extractor Pro” is an excellent software application designed to work in Mac OS X (10.6 or higher) by USL Software. It has eliminated the potential issues that usually come up in email migration. The developers also worked hard to make it easier to use. And not only that, they also managed to maintain between its sophisticated features and the simplicity.

So when you consider the advanced algorithms used and the unique features that it offers while also being friendly to use by users with no experience, you instantly realize its greatness in software engineering aspects.

Convert Outlook to Apple Mail with PST Extractor Pro

USL Software knows the kind of problems one can face while exporting Outlook data to Apple Mail, and they already put a solution for that in appropriate places.

For example, one of the biggest concerns was that of countless hours that into converting large database with multiple PST files. So ‘PST Extractor Pro’ features batch conversion to deal with it. You can now convert any number of PST files to MBOX files in one go. It saves time considerably. No more tediously converting each single file separately.

Another example is oversized MBOX files. Often when converting multiple PST files, users find their converted or output MBOX file to be huge, reaching to a size that’s not practical to import in Mac Mail. ‘PST Extractor Pro’ helps you limit this size by setting and restricting the size MBOX file can reach. And then, it automatically splits the files that are larger than the allowed limit, producing multiple MBOX files of appropriate sizes.

There are dozens of such features that make the migration super-efficient. And all of those features are easily applied by any user through the friendly GUI.

Download the free trial version and see how it all works. The free trial version can convert ten files from each folder without disabling any other feature.

There is also 24×7 customer support to help for any issue that can pop up.

Convert Outlook to Apple Mail

Convert Outlook to Apple Mail (Mails, Contacts, Calendars & other items) with PST Extractor Pro.

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