Transfer email from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail easily using “Pst Extractor Pro”.

“Pst Extractor Pro” is a software for Mac OS that can convert the data files Pst (used by Windows Outlook) to data files Mbox (used by Mac Mail) and to Mac Mail database directly.

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This email migration is harder than any other form of migration because of the difference in email clients and the platforms they run in. It’s not easy to transfer data when the clients run on two very different operating systems (Mac and Windows).

Many users at this stage might be asking why do we need a third party tool in the first place. Why not convert the data manually?

The answer is simple. The manual conversion is very lengthy and tedious for common users. It also consumes time, while wasting your internet usage. The bigger the database for conversion, the harder it will get. Not to mention the innumerable amount of data corruption issues you might face. The manual method requires constant internet connection, and even if the connection is disconnected even for a second, there might be some issues with data syncing between server and client.

Therefore, many experts recommend staying away from manual conversion and look for a professional software…just like “Pst Extractor Pro”.

There are few unique qualities of “Pst Extractor Pro” that sets it apart from the rest of the tools of the same category.

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  • Bulk Conversion for Multiple Files → Many users have more than one Pst file to convert that belong to multiple users. Most of the current-gen tools flop to deal with batch conversion. Not “Pst Extractor Pro”. It is powerful enough to handle large and multiple Pst files without any problems.

  • Non-English Support –> Developers built “Pst Extractor Pro” keeping the support for all languages in mind. Unfortunately, most of the tools in market today don’t convert text in non-English language properly. Frequently it has been noted that the text after conversion becomes broken, unreadable.

  • Keeps Folder Hierarchy Intact –> Losing the structure of folders is yet again a concern that seems to be not going anywhere. Many conventional tools don’t manage to keep folder hierarchy safe. “Pst Extractor Pro” employs unique, but effective strategies to convert data while keeping the order/structure of your folders preserved.


Transfer Email from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

How to Use “Pst Extractor Pro”

As said above, the interface of the software is incredibly simple. You simply have to follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.

The steps involve —

  • Click ‘Add Pst’.
  • Browse to the folder where you have saved Pst files and select them.
  • Select the folders for conversion. You can also filter mails, contacts, and calendar automatically.
  • Choose output format as “Apple Mail” or ‘Mbox’
  • Set your preferences for contacts, calendar, Mbox file size limit, etc.
  • Click ‘Convert’.

That’s all there is to it. It’s a simple process that anyone can easily follow without having any prior knowledge about the task.

The free trial version lets you convert the data using all the features said above, except that it will convert only 10 items from each folder.

Download it now, and see how it works. You won’t be disappointed.

PST Extractor Pro is an email converter tool to transfer email from Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox and pst to mbox & eml file format.

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