PST to MBOX Converter may have other purposes since MBOX is a very generic file, but mostly serves the purpose of moving data from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail or Thunderbird. Since PST is a proprietary file format by Microsoft compatible only with Windows or Mac Outlook, you need to convert it to MBOX if you want to move data from Outlook to Mac Mail (or Thunderbird).

PST to MBOX Converter Free

Now, there are few manual methods to move your data, but they are all very inefficient, slow, and a user has to face dozens of other problems.

For instance, you can find methods to move data using an IMAP method. In that, you need to create a dummy email account that supports IMAP sync (like Gmail), add that email account to Windows Outlook and sync the local data to those servers. Now add the same email account on Mac Mail and sync the data from the servers to the local database.

It gets the job done. But for practical reasons, it’s unreasonably inefficient and in some cases, almost an impossible job to pull off. There are many reasons that I won’t into detail but the worst of them all is that it takes painfully long. You need fast internet, an email service that allows space at least equal to the amount of data you want to export, and more limitations like these.

Therefore, it is not wise to choose such manual methods. Even ordinary third-party converters do not work as you’d want them to. They are often programmed with poor algorithms that do not extract the information exhaustively. You would find missing attachments, broken graphical objects, corrupt folder hierarchy, and other errors.

But thankfully, there are few applications that can offer you professional support to convert these files that are otherwise too tedious and daunting even for experts.

The PST to MBOX Converter Tool

One such application is called “PST Extractor Pro,” developed by the same experienced team of USL Software that has developed other successful email migration tools. “PST Extractor Pro” is endowed with the same specialty that other tools that come before the same team. You get the similar interface (user-friendly), same level of accuracy with the algorithms, and of course, the same level of tech support 24×7, which makes things easier than before.

pst to mbox converter

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  • It supports non-English text characters

  • It keeps the folder hierarchy preserved

  • It supports multiple conversions of PST files

  • It has option to convert all contacts per folder to a single VCF and call calendar entries to a single ICS file per folder

  • It lets you split large MBOX files

  • It has an easy to read conversion log that comes in handy in large conversion projects


PST to MBOX Converter Free Download

Download the trial edition and check out all these features personally.

Get you copy here:

pst to mbox converter free

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PST to MBOX Converter free trial download for evaluation and after satisfying results go for full version.

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