PST to EML Conversion Simple and Effective Way!

PST is an Outlook Windows native file that you cannot use with Live Mail. Windows Live Mail, on the other hand, uses EML. Therefore, in order to migrate emails from Outlook PST to Windows to Live Mail, you need to convert PST to EML.

PST to EML Conversion

It is best done using ‘PST Extractor Pro.’ Here are couple of reasons to backup that claim:

  • It has a basic, graphically oriented interface
  • It features high-end algorithms that can convert all the data from the files without any errors in the output
  • It retains the data integrity fully
  • It allows manually choosing folders to convert or ignore
  • Single-click to exclude all empty folders
  • Supports converting Unicode text natively
  • Keeps the folder hierarchy
  • Converts images cleanly
  • Very fast even with large files
  • Allows batch PST conversion
  • Works directly on Mac
  • Real-time progress bar during conversion
  • Detailed conversion log/report
  • Lightweight – no CPU consumption
  • Standalone
  • No internet connection needed to convert the files

With such a wide and dynamic range of features, ‘PST Extractor Pro’ leaves nothing to be desired to convert PST to EML professionally. The smart algorithms as its central driving engine work on all the little pieces of your data and manages to convert the whole thing.

pst to eml conversion

We will take a few of its topmost features and see how they work in detail.

Data Accuracy

The only aim of any email migration project is to move the emails and all other information associated with them into your destination email client, without leaving anything behind. This is brilliantly done by “PST Extractor Pro.”

Through its multi-layered scanning mechanisms and high-calibrated algorithms, it manages to keep all the details safe and convert them as you would expect. . Each user has uniquely different database of emails, attachments, media, contacts, and so on. The tool also adapts to varying nature of PST files.

Ease of Use!

Without an interface, a software is worthless. With a poor interface, even a decent software cannot fully realize its value.

‘PST Extractor Pro’ has a cleverly designed interface that makes full use of all of its features while avoiding the cluttered design. It makes space for the advanced features but also simplifies the task for beginners. If you pick it up right now and start using it, you would feel no need of understanding the technical part of the process. Everything is natural and intuitive.

Jump into the action now and see it for yourself how ‘PST Extractor Pro’ will change the way you think about PST to EML conversion.

pst to eml

How to convert eml to pst

  1. Launch ‘PST Extractor Pro’
  2. Click on “Add PST”.
  3. Browse and locate the PST files, then click on “Open”.
  4. Optional Settings:
    • Check what you want convert (Mails, Contacts & Calendars).
    • Check “Ignore EMpty Folders” to ignore empty items.
    • Check/Unchecked folders from preview panel.
  5. Choose output formats:
    • Apple Mail, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)
    • Microsoft Entourage Archive (*.rge)
    • Mozilla Thunderbird, *.ics, *.vcf
    • Postbox , *.ics, *.vcf
    • (EML file) *.eml , *.ics, *.vcf
    • (MBOX file) *.mbox , *.ics, *.vcf
  6. Then click on “Convert”
  7. Now select a folder and click on Save. (for output folder location).
  8. Then the conversion process will start,

Free Trial for PST to EML Conversion

Whatever concerns you might have; they are all a thing of past now. Never worry about data loss or damage to your data integrity, or needlessly spending hours and reaching nowhere, or learning all the technical nitty-gritties of the job. ‘PST Extractor Pro’ makes it all too simple for everyone to move their data, while not taking away the advanced functionality required by an IT professional.

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