If you let your computer saves your files automatically both in offline condition and online, there is a high chance that plenty of your files are stored in the ost format. This offline format is used by the system as format for storing files when the data connection is not available. It is meant to be a temporary storage format, but people do not convert it to a more secure format due to their ignorance of the possible outcomes. The ost format is highly unstable and get out of reach in case of hardware corruption or attack of virus and malware. This calls for the need of an app which can convert ost to pst, since carrying out the process manually is not free off risks either.

OST Extractor Pro by USL Software for ultimate safety and service:

For the process of ost to pst conversion, the smartest way out is to use the OST Extractor Pro. Using this app cancels out the need to call a professional or to use the manual method. This makes the process free of inconveniences and the client ought to only hit a few clicks and the process would be under way on its own. Not only does it free the client from the need of indulging into complex procedures but also of plugging in any extra device since this tool is capable of carrying many extra tasks. The features of this tool are elaborated below:

ost extractor pro

#1 Incredibly fast speed:

With the batch conversion technique, clients can convert as many files as they want at once. Files are converted in bulk and processed out in bulk, without influencing the efficiency of the task. This cuts down the amount of time usually required in to convert files one by one. This feature comes specially handy in case the client is in a hurry or even when he/she wants to avoid spending long hours in front of the computer.

#3 Conversion without glitches:

It is usual for users to be confronted with the risk of corrupting their files or of modifying them whenever they have to convert ost to pst. This is usually the reason people avoid the procedure altogether. However, the OST Extractor Pro provides the users a relief from this usual risk by providing all kinds of features which make sure that no file goes corrupt.

#3 Ability to recognize unique texts:

The reason majority of ost conversion apps destroy or alter the contents of files rendering them useless is that they are not compatible with all kinds of languages and texts. Non-English languages, even those with double-byte characters are recognized by this app, thus making the possibility of corruption of files in foreign languages nil.

#4 Dedicated client support system:

For first time users or simply anyone facing confusion, the OST Extractor Pro has a team of friendly and dedicated system of experts. The client support can be accessed through chats and email as well.

ost extractor

Considering all these points, it would be unwise not to choose this app for your mail conversion. Links to the full version as well as the trial version are available below.

Product Website: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

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