Import PST into Mac Mail / Apple Mail

You can not import PST into Mac Mail or Apple Mail. So you need to convert it into Mac Mail mail database or supported file format.

Impairment to the fidelity of data while importing PST into Mac Mail is a major problematic issue that no ordinary tool has solved. In fact, with any migration projects, the damage to data fidelity is always a concern. It is much worse when the migration is between two email clients for two different platforms (Mac and Windows).

Fidelity denotes how accurately copy reproduces its source, or how similar the output is to input. While importing PST into Mac Mail by file conversion or by any other method, much of the details are lost or damaged. The output doesn’t exactly mirror the original/input files.

If you have ever used ordinary tools to import PST into Mac Mail by converting PST to Mbox, you surely must have noticed the following defects in your Mac Mail MBOX files:

  • Email attachments are lost
  • Format of email addresses of sender and receiver are damaged.
  • String of non-English characters are broken
  • The structure of folders is all messed up
  • The graphical objects embedded within email bodies are broken
  • Read/unread status of emails are lost

Such inconsistency between the original and the output is called loss in data integrity or data fidelity. And many users feel anxious while importing PST into Mac Mail as they don’t know how to convert data without any missing links.

Any tool featuring Outlook to Apple Mail conversion should verify that data has remained unaltered in transit from creation to reception.

Import PST into Mac Mail using PST Extractor Pro

There is one tool that has constantly received positive reception in converting data without loss to data integrity. It’s called “PST Extractor Pro,” published by USL Software. It has smart algorithms for data retrieval, reconstruction, and extraction without leading to fragmentation. Most PST to Mac Mail converter have an elementary file conversion mechanism that does not do well with email migration tasks. “PST Extractor Pro” on the other hand was built from scratch to consider the complications of this particular task.

You would find zero deformities, such as loss to graphical objects, broken non-English text, or broke images, etc. Basically, the entire list of objects lost during migration given above has been resolved by ‘PST Extractor Pro.”

Other Notable Differences from Ordinary PST to Mac Mail Converters

Preserving data integrity is the biggest issue many users face. But the conventional programs developed for importing PST into Mac Mail also fall short in other areas. “PST Extractor Pro” not only gives the most accurate conversion, but also fixes the other issues as well.

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  • Intuitive Interface: – The GUI is very easy to use even by beginners.
  • Batch Conversion: – You can convert multiple files at the same time.
  • Quick conversion: – The tool works with a lightning fast speed, delivering speed as quick as 1GB per 10 minutes.
  • Other output formats: – You can convert also PST to EML, RGE, Postbox, and similar other clients.
  • Merge contacts: – You can merge contacts to a single VCF file per folder.
  • Merge Calendar: – You can merge all calendar entries to a single ICS file.


import pst into mac mail

Want to try it now? Click here and get the setup file. You can check out the features for free in the trial edition and import PST into Mac Mail.

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