Converting PST to MBOX files can be a difficult job.

Not anymore.

With the help of “PST Extractor Pro,” you can move your emails, contacts, or calendar data from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail. It is easy to use, offers thorough conversion, and is fully capable of protecting your folder hierarchy and non-English emails.

Folder hierarchy and non-English emails and few other elements (metadata, headers, attachments, etc.) are usually lost when migrating email data. That is because the data files PST and MBOX are dissimilar in many aspects, and it can get tricky to extract and convert data.

PST Extractor Pro” is built by USL Software to win over all the challenges in PST to MBOX conversion. Such as incomplete conversion, loss of data, slow speed, modification in folder hierarchy, confusing UIs, and more.

Why Converting PST to MBOX is Difficult?

Every translation or conversion job has to soak up all the information from the source and convert it to the output format. The challenge is to keep the data/meaning same but change the format.

Converting PST to MBOX is difficult because the files belong to different operating systems, and are as different as night and date.

For example, Dutch is considered to be the closest language to English. So if you translate English to Dutch, some of the meaning is lost. The output sentence in Dutch isn’t exactly what the original English sentence meant.

But if you translate English to Chinese, you have an whole new beast in front of you. Everything is different between these two languages: the grammar, the tenses, everything. So the translator has a difficult job to maintain the original meaning while translating English to Chinese.

Same is with PST to MBOX.

PST is a proprietary file format used by Windows Outlook to archive data. MBOX, on the other hand, is a generic file format used by many email clients in Mac environment.

Both files run on different platforms, and have different structure and framework for storing data.

And that is why it is a trick job.

If you want to perform the conversion without losing your data, you need to employ a carefully built software application, and not just any programs. Definitely not the freeware that are developed without digging deep into the complications of the email migration.

Many users choose to use free PST to MBOX converter. They end up with damaged data, sometimes even permanently.

This is where “PST Extractor Pro” comes in.

USL Software worked to find the issues and resolve them correctly. The intelligent algorithms used in developed allows the tool to convert information accurately byte by byte. The scanning system goes deeper and wider than any other tool, picking up on smallest details and information snippets.

The result is accurate conversion regardless of the fact that both files are different. USL rose to the challenge and won over all the complications and problems.

Many users are already converting their data to MBOX files using the tool. The tool rose to the top, becoming the most recommended program for PST file conversion.

Don’t wait up. Get your free trial from the download page.

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