Export PST to Entourage Archive (*.rge) in A Best Way!

Email & Data Migration

Moving anything – luggage, things, data, other objects, whatever – from one place to another is never a straight line. If you have ever moved to a different city, you’d know the trouble of getting all your things safely moved without losing certain items in between.

Data migration from email clients is not much different. Like, with an actual moving, you can find many of your gear missing, such as, your charger, books, your favorite framed photograph, along with other stuff – migrating email data can result in missing attachments, graphics, headers, and so on.

Ironically, the pictures in your emails are often one of the most affected part of the database that does not get migrated cleanly.

Here we are discussing the goal of moving Outlook emails into Entourage. Entourage and Outlook clients both may be from Microsoft, but there is no in-built support for you to transfer contents in a straightforward manner.
You either need to go through intricated manual steps (requiring IMAP email account with high data storage capacity) or try your luck with generic file converters.

Outlook (PST) & Entourage (RGE)

These converters take the PST file from Outlook and convert it into what Entourage can import and read.

This conversion process is also very much like translating a language. You can often translate a text from one language to another, but in reality,the essence of what was said is lost. It is too difficult to get the right ‘tone,’ meaning, and feelings translated into another language.

It is very much the same with converting Outlook to Entourage. You can get actual email text converted, but might miss out on headers (To, from, subject, etc.), graphics, text formatting, HTML links, attachments (Mainly non-textual like media files), MIME content, and so on.

Best Way to Export PST to Entourage

But, here is the good part, with a correct email converter, you can get the accuracy and original attributes intact. Such a property of retaining the original attributes is only possible with high-end tools and converters.
One of which is ‘PST Extractor Pro‘, also the most recommended app for this task.

export PST to Entourage

PST Extractor Pro‘ is a powerful and high-end solution to export PST to Entourage, but it is also incredibly friendly and simple to use.

Advance Logic

The developers calibrated and optimized every facet of its internal logic, down to the tiniest part. This makes the tool’s processing power almost impeccable, able to get all information from files and capture everything extensively.

Support & Preserve Unicode

PST Extractor Pro‘ also contains natively supported features for Unicode text (mainly double-byte characters used in languages like Chinese and other Asian languages). You can be rest assured that all your emails from international clients will be cleanly processed into Entourage without any disintegrating the content.

Safe, Secure & Easy to use

You will be surprised how well USL Software has consolidated the entire task into a streamlined and methodical approach that anyone can follow. The tool’s greatest and signature feature is to appeal to both experts and basic users, without compromises.

If you have any doubts, get in touch with the support and resolve all your queries immediately. The support is also there to help you export data, if you ever face any situation you might want an experts’ hand for. For further information and to examine things more closely, you can also grab the trial edition by following the link given at the end. It is free and not time-limited.

Get it to Export PST to Entourage

Pick up any license that fits your needs (like using it in multiple machines in a workplace or just one at home), and start your data migration now.

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