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The Expert Recommended Approach to Export Outlook Email to Apple Mail to Avoid Major Pitfalls of Email Migration

If you just decided to move to Mac, you have a major task ahead of you – moving all your data across your Windows PC to Mac’s. The most complex form of data is the hardest – the emails and contacts from your email clients.

This post will discuss how Windows Outlook users can migrate their data to Apple Mail using the expert-recommend approach and solution. Exporting Outlook Mail to Apple Mail is the hardest challenges of all because of the difference in their data files.

If you were to transfer Thunderbird emails to Mac Mail, you can easily do that using MBOX files. But in this particular case, we are talking about Outlook Mail to Apple Mail, where MBOX file cannot be used. Here, we have to use PST files.

It can be overwhelming for a total beginner to get started on this infamous email migration task. Here are some of the major problems one can face: –

False and unhelpful information on internet: One of the major causes of distress while exporting Outlook Mail to Apple Mail is the overwhelming amount of information online, majority of which is either completely false or not really helpful, especially for beginners. If you are here, reading this page, you are already past this problem as in the coming passages below, you will get the best technique for email migration.

Ordinary Outlook Mail to Apple Mail converters: – Seeing that neither Microsoft nor Apple has any reliable in-built support for such a migration task of emails, many third-parties jumped into the opportunity of selling apps to convert data. While most of them are decent, many of them can be incredibly painful to use and risk for your data. They not only convert emails incorrectly, they can even damage the original files or make some irreversible changes to the database.

‘PST Extractor Pro’ – why it is highly recommended by experts!

‘PST Extractor Pro’ is a Mac application that provides the relief from the complications of email migration. It is developed by USL Software and quickly went on to become the most recommended and critically acclaimed tool available online.

Let’s find out why is it so: –

It solved the major problem of email migration – long hours needed to convert data. Through its rapid programming logic, it can work with lightning fast speed and can convert GB of data within few minutes.

Secondly, ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is fully capable of targeting every single piece of information for conversion. This results in 100% precise and clean data export, without the loss of items such as images, attachments, metadata, and such. No other tool has the precision rate even close to this one.

Thirdly, it also supports batch conversion. More often than not, especially in large-scale projects, users have more than one PST file that they want to convert. With tools prior to ‘PST Extractor Pro,’ you have to convert these multiple files one at a time. Now, you can do it in batch and observe no ill-effect to the stability, speed, or other aspects of data export.

Fourthly, USL Software succeeded in one of the most frustrating challenges for developers – making the tool fully supported for converting non-English text. Languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean use standards like “double-byte character set” (DBCS) to encode the text, which can get tricky for email migration tools to even pick up while scanning the files. ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is built to support the conversion of all languages.

Make sure to download the free trial version, if you want to clear any doubts before proceeding with your order.

Try Now to Export Outlook Email to Apple Mail

You can download the installer file and install the tool without any hassle. Fire it up almost instantly without any activation, and try it out in its free trial mode.

Download Now: http://www.pstextractorpro.com/download-now/

export outlook email to apple mail

This is the best possible approach to export Outlook Email to Apple Mail that you most certainly do not want to ignore.

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Get in touch with the support staff of USL Software to resolve any queries. 24×7 tech support is also there to help you migrate your data if you face any problems.

Export Outlook Email to Apple Mail is simplified by PST Extractor Pro.

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