Convert PST to Postbox using a tool with a UI that anyone can use. Apart from the simplicity that it brings to an otherwise very difficult job, it also adds sophisticated through unique features that will help you convert data according to your needs!

What is Postbox?

Postbox is an email client that has now been discontinued, but it is still being used as a primary email client by many users around the world. It is not completely irrelevant in today’s time and has features that are unique and helpful. Therefore, you will find users who are trying to switch to Postbox from other clients.

And at any moment where you are switching your email client, you also need to take care of the data. Sometimes, there’s a straightforward way to import or export the data using the officially prebuilt features. But at many other times, that is not the option. There’s one such case where a data migration job can be quite complicated and has no straight way to migrate.

Convert PST to Postbox

We are talking about moving emails from Windows Outlook to Postbox, for which you require to convert PST files. The reason to do so is that both email clients are for different operating systems, Windows and Mac OS. So, the prospect of using any official way for importing/exporting data is out of the question. You have to rely on other methods, one of which is to converting the Outlook data files called PST into Postbox compatible files using third-party tools.

Third-party tools are where we face a stumbling block. There are very few who can process the data clearly. The modern-day email files can be highly complex and large in size. It takes an equally complex and sophisticated software to extract the information and put it into another format, like for Postbox. And that’s not what a generic file conversion utility will offer you.

Best Tool to Convert PST to Postbox

But worry not! USL Software is a well-established company that has been developing many professional tools specifically for migrating email data. “PST Extractor Pro” is one of their successful tools that makes it simple and quick to convert PST to Postbox.

convert pst to postbox

Not only is it the simplest utility that you can get your hands on today, it also brings many desperately wanted features for migrating data with precision and exactly an individual user would want. It’s one of the greatest facets is to offer control and sophisticated features without over cluttering the interface. Any beginner can start using it right away without knowing anything technical about the process. At the same time, any expert can use it for much bigger and more complex types of data migration jobs involving PST files.

Take for example, the support for batch conversion in “PST Extractor Pro” makes it the only PST converter that can handle any number of PST files of amounting to any size with ease, without affecting the performance or the output of the files.

Other than Postbox, you can also use it for converting PST into formats like MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Entourage database.

Convert PST to Postbox Mails, VCF, ICS

PST Extractor Pro” can even detect the type of folders (mails, contacts, and calendar) and convert the items to their appropriate format. Contacts and calendars are converted to VCF and ICS files, respectively, which are standard format for the respective forms of data, compatible with many programs and clients.

pst to postbox

Try Free to Convert PST to Postbox

Make sure to give it a try. The trial mode makes it easier for you to go into details and thoroughly check out how it works and how easy the interface is. The link below is for the official download page where you can get the setup file. It’s simple to install and can get you started in less than two minutes

Get PST Extractor Pro free trial version today to convert PST to Postbox.

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