The best Way to Convert OST to PST

Converting OST to PST File can save your data stuck inside OST files that have become inaccessible. But email files contain a lot of complex data inside them. Any task requiring to convert the data from one format to another would require a professional tool to pull it off accurately.

OST and PST are both Windows Outlook file but are used for different reasons. OST often gets inaccessible in Outlook and the only solution is to convert the data inside them into PST format.

Tool to Convert OST to PST file

If you are worried that any ordinary converter might not be able to preserve the details of your email data, like: images, attachments, metadata, headers, nested emails, folder hierarchy, non-English characters, text formatting, and so on, then you need “OST Extractor Pro.”

convert ost to pst

“OST Extractor Pro” is a software application, developed scrupulously by USL Software, from the scratch, so that all the usual problems of email file conversion are not present with this tool. It is also designed for its interface by a dedicated team that simplified the use of the tool and all of its advanced features significantly. Now even the beginners or non-experienced users can convert OST to PST file without too much of a hassle. And the advanced options that other OST to PST converter don’t offer make “OST Extractor Pro” the only professionally recommended program for large scale projects too for IT experts.

convert ost to pst file

There is essentially nothing left out in “OST Extractor Pro” that can impact the experience of converting OST to PST file properly.

Here are some of its features:

  • Support large OST files conversion. No matter how large your OST files are, it can efficiently handle them and convert them to PST accurately.
  • Support batch conversion: If you have more than one OST file, you can select the all for conversion in bulk. The tool doesn’t compromise with the accuracy of conversion with large and batch OST to PST file conversion.
  • It allows you to split large PST files too. You just have to specify the maximum size for the output PST file and the tool will automatically create additional PST files if required, thus, in effect, splitting them into smaller files that are easier to import to Outlook. (NOTE: – PST file can also be imported to Mac Outlook).
  • OST Extractor Pro” has full support for converting non-English text characters, including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Those three languages are the hardest because they are encoded using double-bytes, which are always tricky for conventional tools.
  • The biggest feature of “OST Extractor Pro” is that it is able to convert everything from OST to PST file. It doesn’t end up with fragmented data with integrity errors or missing components. From email items like subject line, email addresses, headers, to attachments and images and other parts important for the fidelity of your emails – everything gets picked up by its dedicated logic and gets converted to PST precisely.

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converting ost to pst

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