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The Usual Problems with PST to MBOX Converter and What You Can Do About it!

The usual problems with PST to MBOX Converters that don’t go away with the conventional approach. So, here’s the ultimate solution you need!

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PST to MBOX Converter  – the better solution

PST to MBOX Converter tools are specialized tools for converting Your Windows Outlook PST files into MBOX (for Apple Mail & other email clients). These tools extract the information – emails, contacts, calendar reminders, and other items – from PST into MBOX.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many converters that can do this well. Most of them are developed poorly without any consideration to the users’ data safety, their comfort in using the tool, and to any other complications of email migration.

Let’s take a look some of the major issues with traditional PST to MBOX converter tools before I give you the ultimate solution to those issues.

Difficult to use – poor interfaces

Majority of PST to MBOX converter software’s are made by developers with no real background in software designing. These typical tools have horrible interfaces that can make them hard to use. Users would often feel overwhelmed by the carelessly structured wizards. Even though, most of the tools are now graphically oriented as opposed to command line oriented, the issue still remains.

Slow PST to MBOX Converter Tools

Both files – PST and MBOX – are different from each other in any way that one can think of. The data is structured differently inside the files. Therefore, extracting information can become a taxing and long process. Most of the PST to MBOX converters have no strategies to overcome this problem. As a result, they become painfully slow to convert huge databases of Windows Outlook. You could spend your entire day to convert anything more than a few GBs of PST file. And that becomes unbearable when the conversion itself doesn’t turn out to be accurate, which is the next problem with these PST to MBOX Converters.

Incomplete conversion

The ordinary PST to MBOX converter programs do not have the adequate algorithms to scan the files thoroughly. Thus, the output often contains bugs in the form of data corruption and loss. These converters may cost you the loss in certain types of data items, like images, metadata, attachments, nested messages, non-English text, and such. The data in MBOX files is often heavily fragmented and the information is scattered, rendering the files unable for importing.

Other Missing Features That Are Necessary

Most of the PST to MBOX converter applications are just that…converters. Their sole job is to convert the data from PST to MBOX (and that too is inefficient as explained above). In other words, they aren’t complete email migration utility that gives you a seamless way to migrate emails and other items from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail. Many of the important features that a user might need for successful data export are missing. Such as, splitting MBOX files, ability to choose folders for conversion, batch conversion for multiple PST files, and so on.

Which PST to MBOX Converter Should You Use That has the least number of such limitations of ordinary converters?

If you are here looking for a good PST to MBOX converter, the above passages might disappoint you. And it’s sad but very true that the current state of email migration industry isn’t perfect for the non-experts. If you want to move Windows Outlook data to Apple Mail by converting PST to MBOX, you can get lost and very frustrated if you don’t have the perfect tools and are a complete beginner in such projects.

But here’s something that will take you out of your misery:
“PST Extractor Pro”

“PST Extractor Pro” is a PST to MBOX converter from USL Software that has impressively prevailed over the usual complications of such applications. The tool has risen above the challenges and technical limitations, and in doing so, it brings you the perfect utility for migrating emails from Windows Outlook (PST) to Mac Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook:mac 2011, MBOX & EML.

The tool is not a mere file converter, but a complete package for email migration with all the necessary features.

pst to mbox converter

A brief look at some of its qualities and features:

  • Interactive interface – very intuitive even for beginners
  • Support for converting non-English text
  • Delivers accurate output files, no data corruption, no missing items.
  • Preserves folder hierarchy
  • Supports batch conversion of multiple PST files
  • Very quick – converts one GB of PST files into MBOX in under ten minutes.
  • Allows you to split large PST files
  • Saves read/unread emails in separate folders
  • Merge contacts in one VCF file per folder (optional)
  • Merge calendar entries in one ICS file per folder (Optional)
  • Converts everything – metadata, email headers, nested messages, attachments, images, etc.
  • Supports the conversion of S/MIME encrypted messages
  • Backed by 24×7 customer support of USL Software
  • Available in multiple licenses and packaged tailored for different needs (personal, household, companies, enterprises)
  • Available in free trial version
  • Free lifetime updates

So, what are you waiting for?

PST Extractor Pro” has everything that you need and more. Click here to get the free setup and run it in trial mode before ordering the full version. Do not rely upon the old, obsolete, and poorly developed PST to MBOX Converter tools anymore.

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