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How to Convert PST to MBOX in Few Steps

How to convert PST to MBOX in few simple steps. You will be surprised by how an otherwise a tedious job can be so simple if you have the right tools.

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If you came here wanting to know how to convert PST to MBOX in the best possible manner, and that means, no data loss, you will find that there’s no other way than “PST Extractor Pro.”

How to Convert PST to MBOX

PST Extractor Pro” is a Mac application to convert Windows Outlook files to various other formats such as MBOX, EML, or RGE. It is the only tool for PST files that works on Mac. It is developed by USL Software.

how to convert pst to mbox

To put it shortly, it works. USL Software designed this tool in such a way that you will find both functionality and simplicity, which is a huge achievement for an email migration tool. It is the first Mac tool to convert PST files to MBOX and other formats…and does so elegantly. The interface is what makes it a hit amongst all users, but especially laymen and less experienced users.

So, without wasting too much time, let’s find out the answer to how to convert PST to MBOX in just few steps:

Step 1:

how to convert pst to mbox file

“PST Extractor Pro” installs within 2 minutes and requires no setup or configuration. You can get the free trial setup to follow through the rest of the tutorial.

Step 2:

convert pst to mbox

Before you start using it, you need to archive your Windows Outlook to PST files, if you have not done so already. And then copy that file to Mac where you installed the application.

Step 3:

pst to mbox

The next step involves loading that PST file into the program, choosing the folders you want to convert.

Step 4:

pst to mbox converter

There are few settings for you to check out for.

  • Choose to save read and unread emails in two separate folders
  • Merge all contacts from a single folder into a single VCF file
  • Merge all calendar entries from a single folder into a single ICS file
  • Split MBOX files. Set the size limit to split the file at.

Step 5:

pst to mbox conversion

Choose “MBOX” file from the dropdown list of output files and click ‘Convert’

It will start converting the PST files to MBOX and the time taken depends on the size of the PST files, which is 50% quicker than the other PST to MBOX converters.

USL Software directed the development towards a single objective — making the program user-friendly. There is always dreading concern around PST to MBOX migration. And by “PST Extractor Pro,” that is not true anymore.

Here are the features of “PST Extractor Pro”:

  • Converts multiple PST files to MBOX in one go.
  • Converts non-English characters too.
  • Keeps folders hierarchy maintained.
  • Converts metadata and headers (to, from, cc, bcc, subject)
  • Limits the size of MBOX files
  • Converts contacts and calendar
  • Merges contacts and calendar entries to their respective default folder
  • Exclude empty folders from conversion
  • Filter emails, contacts, and calendar from conversion
  • Full conversion report in the end for analysis
  • 24×7 customer support

With the help of these features, “PST Extractor Pro” succeeds in turning a dragging and challenging job into a quick and efficient one. The developers equipped it with every feature you will need to migrate your data accurately.

It stands above all others with the support of its incredibly designed interface and intelligent conversion algorithms that deliver precision.

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Download to know how to convert pst to mbox

Get it here:

USL Software allows you to download a free installation file from the link given below. This free copy works for ten items in each folder and gives you access to all other features. It is a perfect way to evaluate the performance of the software without risking anything.

Hope we resolved your problem – How to Convert PST to MBOX.

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