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Here’s the Best Approach to Convert Pst to Mbox That You Can Find!

Looking to convert Pst to Mbox. This tool from USL Software will help you do that with utmost precision.

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Developed by USL Software, “PST Extractor Pro” is a convenient tool to convert PST to MBOX files. USL Software has been known for easy to use tools that let users migrate data from one client to other in a precise and safe manner.

‘PST Extractor Pro’ is built for converting Outlook (PST) to Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Entourage, Postbox, MBOX & EML file format.

convert pst to mbox

Convert PST to MBOX file format

PST Extractor Pro” is in the same category. It was released to end the pain users face when converting PST to MBOX file with ordinary tools every time. Email migration is not a rare occurrence in IT industry, but sadly the solutions are in scarcity.

PST Extractor Pro” once and for all ends the frustrating phase of email migration relating to Windows Outlook. It’s the ultimate tool you’ve been looking for since a long time.

It’s most important feature is data accuracy. The tool’s advanced algorithms make sure none of the items are lost or converted inaccurately. You get every item, every detail, every single component in its original place, preserved with original architecture. Most notable, this includes, keeping the folder hierarchy, converting all embedded images, attachments, metadata, headers, and non-English text.

The program’s second most notable feature is its user-friendly interface.

A software program is not practical if it can do many things but has a poor interface for users to interact with. Many software failed in the past not because of the potential they had but because of their cluttered and confusing interfaces. USL Software made sure that’s not the case with ‘PST Extractor Pro.’ It has a really simple, intuitive interface where most of the features are self-explanatory. It’s a tool that anyone can use without having any skills in email migration domain.

Just about every email migration task brings with itself a big bag of problems, the work of convert PST to MBOX file isn’t different. Without proper tools, a user can easily be lost, wasting his or her time and other resources. Moreover, there are also many manual techniques are common these days. And in spite of experts always recommending users to stay away them, these manual methods are still being employed by many. It could lead to data loss and corruption and other fatal errors.

Here is a brief list of features of “PST Extractor Pro“.

  • It can convert emails in all languages, including the ones encoded with double-byte characters
  • It can convert contacts to VCF and ICS files. It also allows users to merge all contacts and calendar respectively to a single VCF and ICS file per folder.
  • Users can set the maximum limit for MBOX file so the tool can split any files larger than that.
  • There is a 24×7 customer support. So, you are not alone. Any query you have, any potential issues you face, any unexpected errors, the support team is always there to assist you.
  • All the updates are free and will be for lifetime.

There are several different licenses you can buy. You can choose any depending on your preferences and on how many machines do you want to install it.

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Download free trial to convert pst to mbox

There is also a free trial version that converts ten items per folder. It’s a perfect way for you to check out more about the tool in detail.

Download at

To convert pst to mbox, try “PST Extractor Pro” today.

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