Are you searching for a one-stop solution for all your PST conversion needs? Do you need to convert a lot of your PST files to many other file formats? There is a definite tool for that, built for all types of PST conversion requirements, you might find truly valuable.

Converting PST file to other file formats

PST Extractor Pro is an email migration tool, developed by USL Software, which could perform all the following conversions efficiently:-

  • Convert PST to MBOX file format
  • Convert Outlook PST to EML file format
  • Converting PST file to RGE file format
  • Convert Outlook Address-book to vCard
  • Convert Outlook to Apple Mail
  • Converting Outlook PST file to Thunderbird
  • Convert Outlook to Entourage
  • Convert Outlook Calendar to Calendar

Whatever is it that you are moving to from your Windows Outlook, chances are that PST Extractor Pro is going to take care of it in a remarkable manner. It is a comprehensive package. It is capable of taking all your data from Windows Outlook (Including contacts, tasks, mails, calendar items, and other) and convert it to a different email client format, such as, Entourage, Thunderbird or Apple mail.


PST is a personal storage table file format, used by some Microsoft Windows applications, primarily by Outlook. Outlook uses it as a Microsoft’s proprietary storage format for all the data. It has become a very common email file format because of the popularity of Outlook. In spite of this, there aren’t many trust-able tools aiding users for converting PST file to other formats.

converting pst file

Converting PST file with it super easy

PST extractor Pro is created for both beginners and advanced users in mind. It has a simple, yet effective, interface that enables user to effortlessly migrate the Windows Outlook to a different email client. Moreover, the range of distinct features provides the flexibility in a complex email conversion process.

The developers kept in mind these four most important qualities:-


“PST Extractor Pro” is undeniably plain and uncomplicated product to install. It practically takes one or two minutes to install and get it up and running.

Moreover, the installation requires no complex skills and technical knowledge at all.


The complete package is simple, and feels intuitive and spontaneous at every step. Installing and performing the PST email conversions is absolutely effortless and flows smoothly. Once again, there is no need for a skilled computer engineer to operate it. Through the help of self-explanatory wizard screens, anybody can follow the steps and easily convert the data from Windows Outlook to various other email clients.


NO users wants to spend countless hours in front of his or her computer for a tedious technical activity. Moreover, productivity is one of the top most concern for individuals and corporations around the world.

Fortunately, PST Extractor Pro is entirely different than the ones who work slow and sluggishly. It works with bullet like speed. From downloading to installation to configuration and to the actual PST conversions, every command takes practically fraction of a second to execute, resulting in fast speed.


It confronts and resolve everything when it comes to the safety of your files.

Because of an intricate technology at its core, and all the high-level features leading to higher performance. It does not throw the safety out of the focus. During the conversion process, it proactively looks for any possible threat and eliminates before it could harm the data.

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